Gridcoin - State of the Network - 21 October 2019

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Report #42 - October 21st, 2019

Welcome to another Gridcoin State of the Network! The SotN is published on the 3rd Monday of every month. For more information on the happenings within the Gridcoin network be sure to check out the other reports put together by the community!

@crypto-swiss’s monthly reports
@parejan’s weekly project updates


Gridcoin Development Roadmap

Gridcoin developers and contributors have assembled an updated Gridcoin roadmap. On it are already expected developments like the team requirement removal and manual reward claims along with additional technical and non-technical goings on. Do take a look!


Gridcoin Marketing and Engagement Initiative

There is a poll seeking funding for marketing and engagement initiatives. It is running until October 24th. Don’t forget to vote!

Latest Update Post

Gridcoin.World has been Funded

The website under development has been fully funded! Expect development to pick up in the coming weeks.

Gridcoin Magnitude Mechanism Discussion

A discussion has begun around a possible major change to the Gridcoin magnitude mechanism.

There has already been one Gridcoin Fireside episode on the subject (Episode 22) and there is another planned for the near future.

New BOINC Podcast

BOINC Radio is a participatory podcast that focuses on the BOINC software, community, and network. It is recorded on the first and third Fridays of the month on the BOINC Network discord server. Episodes are hosted on the DCUni podbean, spotify, and apple podcasts along with the LBRY platform.

Live Community Discussions

The Gridcoin Fireside

There are three new Gridcoin Fireside episodes titled:

The Gridcoin Fireside #21 - Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies Part 3: A Dignified Data Driven Economy of the Future

The Gridcoin Fireside #22 - Gridcoin Magnitude Definition and Distribution

The Gridcoin Fireside #23 - Blockchains and Cryptocurrency Part 4: Incentives and Economics

These episodes include Project briefs on Amicable Numbers and GPUGrid.

You can listen to them all on podbean, spotify, Apple Podcasts, or LBRY.

spotify-podcast-badge-blk-grn-330x80.png Badge.png

The Gridcoin Hangouts

The Gridcoin Hangout has hosted hangouts #119, #120, and #121.

You can listen to them all on fkinglag's youtube channel.

Hot Discussion Threads

2 Questions About Latest Wallet Version
Circulation is Missing


The stats update is divided into 2 sections: Blockchain Statistics and BOINC Statistics.

Every month we bring you the most up to date statistics regarding the operation of the Gridcoin blockchain and Gridcoin BOINC projects. The information is gathered from Sunday to Saturday on a fortnightly basis and compiled from the getblockstats RPC command in the Gridcoin wallet, BOINCStats, GRCPool, Gridcoin Stats, and from individual project websites.


Blockchain statistics from 1/September to 30/September

The table below contains the blockchain statistics and covers blocks 1,699,008 to 1,725,569.

Blockchain charts

The charts below contain the longer term blockchain trends.


Team and pool statistics from 1/September to 30/September

The table below contains BOINC team and pool statistics for the month of September.

Team and pool charts

The team and pool charts contain the longer term team and pool trends.

This concludes the 42nd Gridcoin State of the Network Report. We’ll see you in a month. Happy crunching!

Donate or side-stake to these reports with GRC: S2wn8dq1S39fJyh5Voo7xKwLzFaKyJhRkb

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