New Gridcoin Whitepaper -- Feedback Wanted Before Poll is Made

9개월 전

Gridcoin Purple on White.png

A bunch of us have been hard at work putting together outreach documents. Our work has culminated in a new whitepaper that we will put up for a poll in the near future. We are looking for feedback before we do that.

For now it is just text -- we have to find someone that wants to format it like we did the first paper. Feel free to reach out if that is something you can do.

The audience is scientists and developers. The intent is to introduce them to the potential of blockchain and cryptocurrency tech by describing how Gridcoin works.

This is primarily the work of me and whoisterencelee, though there were a fist full of people that contributed during the building process. Nateonthenet put in a lot of work on a final edit.

I have hosted it on a site that I hold that will hopefully be used in the future, but for now don't think anything of it.

You can read it in pdf format at

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It looks really good. At some point in the future addition, I think we should have a formal process as to how the treasurers (the people with access to the gridcoin fund) are appointed, just for transparency sake. Not urgent by any means though.


The formal process is through the standard reputation-based open-source organizational process that has been around for decades = )

It looks fine to me you can always change it in time.


I've gotten a few great suggestions that will be implemented. A more basic introduction section. A quick paragraph or two on BOINC. And a technical correction WRT oracle nodes.

This community is great.