Proposal and Poll: Gridcoin Marketing and Engagement Initiative

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Gridcoin Marketing and Engagement Initiative


Gridcoin has undergone a massive infrastructure reorganization over the past several years. In this time we have

  1. defined the network, a significant portion of its fundamental short-term vision, its participants, and its intent

  2. established community platforms, organization, and voices

  3. established external and internal channels of communication

  4. refocused and reinitialized social media

  5. updated outreach and adoption tools while laying the groundwork for further outreach development

  6. developed a brand that highlights science and research, data analytics, education, and systemic participation via blockchain and cryptoeconomic networks, technologies, and incentives

We believe this infrastructure presents a springboard for additional development that should include active marketing to the larger crypto community.

This proposal details a minor, though foundational marketing and engagement structure.


We believe that now is the time to establish some foundational marketing and engagement initiatives that target crypto participants for the following reasons:

  1. While there is still work to do in order to reach non-crypto participants -- such as tutorials, videos, and documentation -- the Gridcoin Network finally has the primary infrastructure necessary to absorb and retain a larger number of crypto-exposed participants.

  2. There are three products under development that are ideal tools for marketing upon completion. They are:

    • An updated white paper
    • The website
    • The team requirement removal

  3. The Gridcoin foundation recently received a 75,000 GRC donation via the discord wallet-bot. This GRC was explicitly intended for the twitter managers.

The following proposal will detail a centralized management team based around twitter and social media engagement and funded by the Gridcoin foundation. We believe that this is the most logical place and method to start marketing for the following reasons:

  • The 75,000 GRC donation was explicitly intended to be given to the twitter managers. We think we should use it for social media marketing and engagement initiatives. Note that this proposal was written by the person that manages the twitter.

  • Establishing a core group of individuals that focus on marketing and engagement will enable rapid response marketing free of the burdens of decentralized governance.

  • Building teams increases the strength, vibrancy, and vitality of network infrastructure while simultaneously decentralizing the power of elevated voices and responsibility;

  • These methods begin the process of freeing engineers to engineer, leaders to lead, marketers to market, etc.

  • This method will establish a precedent for future funding of additional groups.


We propose establishing and funding a rapid response marketing team capable of executing minor marketing and engagement initiatives without a network polling requirement.

Management Team

The team will be managed by

  • Jringo
  • Whoisterencelee

Growing the Management Team

The management team may grow at the discretion of the original management team and based on the contributions of community members.

The goal is to implement a foundation from which we can increase the number of individuals dedicated to outreach, marketing, and social media and engagement.

Funding and Use of Funds

The team requests an initial fund of 250,000 GRC from the Gridcoin foundation. The team can request additional funds through a network poll in the future should they so desire.

The funds will be held by the management team.
A portion or all of the funds may be held in a staking wallet.
Funds held in the staking wallet will not be allowed to vote in polls.

Funds will be used at the discretion of the management team.

Examples of Marketing and Engagement Initiatives

  • Marketing bounties
  • Twitter GRC Giveaways/Competitions
  • Swag Giveaways/Competitions
  • Supporting non-Gridcoin initiatives such as research, charities, and BOINC projects


This poll seeks approval of the proposed formation and funding of a marketing and engagement team.

This poll is classified as a marketing poll and is subject to all requirements and validation parameters defined in the Poll Definitions, Requirements, and Validation Parameters document, linked below.

Poll Question
Do you approve of the Gridcoin marketing and engagement proposal?

Poll Options

  • Yes
  • No
  • Abstain

Poll Duration
3 weeks

Poll Validation Requirements
40% AVW

Begin Date: October 3rd, 2019
End Date: October 24th, 2019

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