Gridcoin gets Sitelink Extensions on Google Ads

7개월 전

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According to the New Marketing Initiative, Gridcoin ads are back on Google since 01 DEC 2018. Few days ago, I introduced an important addition to them - Sitelink Extensions.

Advertisements displayed on Google are text-only, so they look a bit dull according to today's standards. But Google offers various ways of enhancing them through so called extensions, making them more relevant and noticeable. Four Gridcoin sitelink extensions have been created so far: Gridcoin Pool, Newsletter, Faucet and Block Explorer:


Our Google ad with sitelink extensions to (Newsletter) and (Faucet)


Same ad but showing extensions to (Gridcoin Pool) and (Block Explorer). Only two extensions (with descriptions) can be shown at the same time, so you'll get random two in your browser.


You can also get a short version, without descriptions. All four extensions are displayed then.


Mobile version should look like this on your smartphone

Of course, Gridcoin ecosystem is far larger than that. Besides, we also have Arikado Pool and if you don't like Gridcoinstats Block Explorer, there are three others: Gridcoin.Network, and Gridcoinstats also has a Faucet, but it's currently under maintenance.

My intention is to create sitelinks to all of them, so that every website in the Gridcoin ecosystem gets some part of this traffic driven by Google Ads.

So, which sitelink has received most clicks so far (since 02 JAN)? Current stats are here:


According to Google, Faucet sitelink is generating the least traffic. But that's probably because 0.5 GRC sounds a bit underwhelming in description. To improve that, I have decided to donate 4000 GRC to the faucet right now and I urge you to donate some too. With enough funds, average payout can be increased to 1 GRC (or more), making it more attractive.

GRC donations sent to this address SF83agM4ERg1WaJvKNbJYrWRHVvUM3xkZz will go directly to the faucet.


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