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If you are following Gridcoin Twitter carefully, you have probably noticed that I have recently opened a Medium account, since some of Gridcoin's Twitter staff still insist on using 'non-monetized' platforms only (like Medium and Reddit) for tweets. My intention was to crosspost my most important Steemit articles about Gridcoin on Medium, so that they can be duly tweeted, boosting Gridcoin's social media presence.

I crossposted four Gridcoin-related stories there so far (one was tweeted) but that came to an abrupt end yesterday when Medium suddenly suspended my account, without any warning whatsoever! If you try to open my blog there now, you will get a 404 error. If you try to open the article that was tweeted you will get redirected to


A glitch? Trigger-happy Medium admin? Or blatant censorship? Frankly, I don't care what's going on that obsolete, crappy platform while superior alternatives like Steemit are available.

Even worse, Medium decided to shadowban me i.e. I had no idea I was banned at all (other Gridcoin users warned me), since all my Medium articles appeared perfectly normal in my browser (which is automatically logged into my Medium account). But to other readers, my articles were unavailable, redirecting them immediately to

This is of course only a minor setback for me, because I always considered Medium to be an obsolete platform, vastly inferior to Steemit and other decentralized, blockchain-based solutions. But it can become a bigger setback for Gridcoin because Medium is apparently still our preferred platform for tweeted content, along with Reddit (which is even worse, because Gridcoin was banned/censored there too and it allows only dull walls of text for posting).

We don't have to put up with this nonsense - we can finally start using Steemit on Gridcoin Twitter. Say NO to censorship and shadowbanning and vote to support bringing quality Steemit content to our social media! The polls are running and are visible on and in your Gridcoin wallets (where you can also vote).

More details here: Let's bring quality Steemit content to Gridcoin Twitter.


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  ·  작년

A bit off-topic - on steemit I can see here only posts up to 1 week old, then a few a month old posts and it jumps to some 3 months and older posts. Any idea?

  ·  작년

Yes, 'trending' and 'created' feeds are not working entirely correct now, lots of posts are missing. They exist of course and can be looked up, they just don't get listed there. Those feeds used to be more reliable, I hope they'll fix them.

well, they can go fuck themselves I guess

Yeah nasty 404. I am so surprise there is not yet uncensored journalism here.
Unfortunately you won't have the same reach here compared to medium.

  ·  작년

I wouldn't worry about that. My reach on Medium was close to zero, far less than on Steemit, that's for sure. And our "official account" there never really took off either, it's got only 55 followers.


if you mean user " gridcoin " as " official " 55 and i posted 0 content n just grabbed the user when suchflex came out like 2yr ago as they used vs steemit n everyone ended up being pricks so i left it blank n just weeks ago gave it to rhino... what is " offical " i mean this isn't twitter nor is donald j trump involved.

  ·  작년

There is a slight chance pages were showing for you because being stored locally in your browser cache. I wonder what was the cause of the ban - maybe they expect only original content, i.e. disallow cross-posting in their terms and conditions? Did they state any reason?

Anyway, I see no reason to not tweet about quality content whatever platform it was published on.

  ·  작년

I just checked it again, without cache. Medium is still showing my stories to me, when I am logged in. When I log out, it's on all of them. No reason was stated, nor have I received any communication from them (nor they from me).

They don't expect original content only, actually they have "Import your story" feature where you just enter your Steemit (or any other) link and your external article is automatically imported for publishing on Medium (it doesn't work 100% correct, so some extra-formatting is usually needed, but it was useful enough).

  ·  작년

Now I recall I have had a similar situation on reddit. I could see my post as normal, quite disappointed due to no feedback. But next day I couldn't see it on another computer! And it was still visible as usual when I was logged in as checked again later. Apparently post was flagged by sub moderator. But I couldn't tell. No signs it was censored.

Very annoying thing to get caught in such a dirty play.

  ·  작년

Reddit is almost a synonym for shadowbanning and similar practices. Even their CEO was caught stealth-editing comments he did not like:

  ·  작년

Yeah, forget Medium.. I don't use them at all anyway.


Me either!!! I signed up because something pointed me there.. most of the stuff I get from them is worthless junk, Their content is pretty much useless to me... Even searched for gridcoin.. don't know what their problem is with gridcoin... weird..

Just post to Github.

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I got suspended as well. I wonder if I can open another account without promoting my website anymore? Funny thing is that there are many people who promote their website and they don't get banned.

You can read my post about the ban from here: