End of Growth Among "Haves" Dooms Growth Among "Haves" & "Have Nots" Alike

3년 전

Changing demographics could have a huge impact on the global economic future.

A large part of the growth in the world is attributed to populaiton growth. This increase has led to growth where it matters most, economically.

Unfortunately, this trend is set to reverse itself. Population growth in all but the poorest nations has been slowing. Birth rates are on the decline. This is going to seriously impact economic growth around the world.

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End of Growth Among "Haves" Dooms Growth Among "Haves" & "Have Nots" Alike

Is that a Malthusian approach?
Projecting a trend?
What if tech changes the game, once again?

So it seems that "consumer production" has been in a bear market since 1988? I guess since then the top world industries, corporations, and conglomerates have been milking this world for all of the resources that it can, profiting off of the baby boomers and millennial's alike, thus becoming the "elite" or the "have's".

But what happens when the "human market" bottoms out, and the "elite" have made their fortunes and have set new investments toward the artificial-human? Makes sense to me. Strong Artificial Intelligence is the future whether we like it or not, and trans-humanism would be the next logical step of "evolution". For the "have's", of course.

Think maybe someone or something will make a huge investment in us? The "have not's"?

Interesting data OP, good post!

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Hey mate, I dig the format of your posts. Nice and simple opinions added to news topics of the day.

Do you happen to have Twitter or discord? I’d like to have a chat about Steemit if you do.

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I'm always looking for these kind of articles, good work 100%.
I think this speaks of cultural priorities at the heart of it. We seem, at least from I have seen in the U.S.A., to put wealth and comfort before family and long term goals. This to me is a shame and we should look at putting more work in to having kids and spending time with them over pursuing wealth and power.
Use energy to chase a toddler instead of running a television I say :)

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Keep working, stop paying.

This population issue is going to speed up the largest transfer of wealth in human history.