5 Key Elements which helps you stay motivated

6개월 전

In order to succeed in achieving the goals you set for yourself, in order not to give up in the middle of the road and to continue moving forward until you see your dream come true, you must be motivated.


Thus, even in difficult moments, there are moments when you say "Done, I give up!" it is much simpler than continuing to fight, in those difficult moments, only a strong motivation can give you the energy and patience you need to overcome obstacles and continue to move forward with a smile on your face towards your goal.

I will tell you now, 5 key elements that will help you complete the things you start.

1. Passion

Do the things you like, that you are passionate about. We all have to do things we don't like from time to time. In this case, it's the right time to stop for a moment and think about which is the best way for you to spend your whole life.

2. Habits

Creating a routine can help you achieve what you set out to do. The fact that you wake up in the morning at the same time, you have the same work schedule and so on, helps you to be organized and that improves your productivity.

3. Focus

You have several tasks to complete on your list. It's normal. But don't grab one and then jump on another and so on. Otherwise, you will reach the end of the day without having any task performed.

Instead, take each task at once and focus all your attention on it and don't put it aside until you've done it. That means being productive and focussed.

Noticing the small progress you make, you will be motivated to go further and complete other tasks from your list one by one.

4. Remember your "WHY"

Even if you focus on a certain task, this will not make you enjoy that task.

Think about it: why do you have to do that task? How exactly will that task help you achieve your goal? Why is it so important? Is there another way you can do it, which will make you more happy and thus perform that task with pleasure and not with disgust?

All these questions will bring clarity in your thinking and will help you make the best decisions. Thus, in the end you will be able to complete your project and at the same time you will work with pleasure.

5. Do this for 5 minutes

If you simply don't like you have to do something, when you think that you have to work on a certain thing, do it as follows: aim to do that activity only 5 minutes. Often, the 5 minutes are enough to give you an incentive to do that and then you will continue until the task is done.

The hardest part is to start something. And once you start doing a certain thing, the desire to continue working on it for a longer period of time will come naturally.

These are the 5 tricks that I suggest you try, the next time you feel weak, without the strength to continue what you started. Don't choose to leave your project unfinished. Motivate yourself, recharge your batteries and take action. Success is yours!

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