boundaries, framework and building your user manual

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I've been learning how to communicate better, how to honor myself better.

It should be the first thing we learn but as school is not made to create happy growing human but useful workers... it's not taught much.

Learning to speak your truth, even if just to yourself, without the anger and with kindness is weirdly a hard task. I can read many friends and relations on Fb sharing how hard they find to be kind to themselves.

It should be obvious right? After all, we're the only person with whom we spend all our time. We should be our best friend. Yet we are not.

I have played Sherlock for a long while, always looking for clues, what's working what's not working. 3rd line influence from my 4/6 profile I guess. (this is a Human Design thing, ask me if that is intriguing to you)

It's been so helpful to know how I can process things better, what I need, so I can give this to myself, so I can also explain and ask for it to my people.

It's hard to build your life the way it works for you, but it's worth it. That's how you can serve better.

You can't serve from an empty cup. You know that. Put your own mask first and so on.

Let people know when you need to recharge. Go recharge and come back when your tank is full and you can hold space again. Stretching yourself is good and necessary sometimes but if it's too much, it is only going to damage yourself, the relationships you're trying to honor, the projects you want to work on.

And if someone takes the floor from under your feet, crush your dreams a little, take out a tool out of your toolbox... like the downvotes that are going around for people who use bidbots, then pause, regroup and look for the next option.

I've been a nomad for 2 years now and craving a base... in all my travel, a little coaster has been the symbol of being home.
Some tools are highly symbolics, highly powerful. Sit with yourself, think of all the possibilities, what's within your reach and you'll find something. I always do.

Even when things look dire, there are little beacons of light coming your way and lighting up your path if you keep looking up and forward, I promise.

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Very Correct!!!
Problem is Society, and it's expected social behaviors, control more of the average person than he does himself!

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indeed. Up to the individual to be open for growth and looking for mentors and guides. Not always easy... Lifetime's journey isn't it?


Yes it is up to the individual, to recognize "something", and find out why they recognized it.
Unfortunately due to the what I call "Narcisstic" dynamic that is taking over society these days, it makes any recognition difficult, for the individual.

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