Game: Guess the Numbers, Part 01

2년 전

Hello Steemian friends,
This is a unique game, here are numbers from 01 to 24, and your job is just to guess which numbers you think are lucky this week. And who can guess then you will get a prize, hopefully you like it and lucky.


Prizes from the game guess the lucky number

  1. Grand prize:
    1,000 STEEM duplicated 15

  2. Second Prize:
    1,000 STEEM duplicated 8

  3. Third Prize:
    1,000 STEEM duplicated 7

  4. Fourth Prize:
    1,000 STEEM duplicated 6

  5. Fifth Prize:
    1,000 STEEM duplicated 4

  6. Sixth Prize:
    1,000 STEEM duplicated 2

Terms and Conditions apply:

  • For those of you free to guess the numbers as you wish, and to make it easier for me to observe then I suggest you provide information in the comments column.

  • For guessers of numbers, you must send STEEM to wallet @mata01, and if you are correct in guessing the numbers then the payment will be doubled according to applicable regulations.

  • You must write information in the comments column and in the transfer memo, for example: 5 STEEM for number 11, and 2 STEEM for number 07, so by providing that information, I can easily monitor and collect data, because here I do not activate the robot but I do it manually.

  • If you are lucky but you did not send STEEM, gifts and duplicates cannot be given.

  • This game is a bit risky, sometimes the STEEM that you send will disappear, if you are wrong in guessing the numbers. Hopefully with the provisions above, you will easily understand it.

Thank you very much and my hope for you to always support #guessnumbers :

Good luck guessing, and good luck with what you guess

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1.000 steem for number 13

0.200 steem for number 1

0.500 steem for number 2

0.300 steem for number 11