Chorando pra Fla on 7 sting Gu itar

3년 전

I wrote this piece for my wife before we got engaged.
The tune is in the style of Brazilian Choro, as My wife is Brazilian and she was visiting her family in Brazil at the time.
I played this piece for her before I proposed.

Brazilian Choro (also known as Chorinho) is a unique style that incorporates African rhythms and western melodies and harmonies. It started to take it's shape in the early 20th century, when freed slaves from the agricultural north of the country came to the big cities, such as Rio De Janeiro, Sao Paulo ,etc.. , to find employment. previously those cities had seen only European descendants. the mixture of the two cultures led to the creation of the popular Brazilian music styles we know today,

The piece is inspired by the playing of #Yamandu Costa and #Toquinho
In this video I am playing a 7 string Bartolex classical guitar.

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gostei muito da musica.