Freaking out about guns isn't an argument for new laws.

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It's actually not unusual for gun grabbers to fire a weapon that they want to have banned and tell us how horrifying the experience was for them.

Really, this is a manifestation of the whole narrative of "my truth" and the idea that "my truth" should supersede your rights.

I won't fault anybody for being scared of guns. I'm still scared of guns. I'm planning on taking a friend to the range for the first time this coming week. It's possible that she'll fire one bullet, put it down, and tell me that she doesn't want to do this and never wants to fire another gun in her life. You know what I'll do? I'll tell her that it's alright, pack up the gun, take her out for coffee or whatever else she wants, and I'll never say anything negative to her about it. It's fine to be freaked out by guns and not want to handle them.

What's not fine is to use your personal freakout as an argument for new laws.

You got PTSD from firing an AR-15? I know at least three dozen people who were in the military and fired M-16s on a regular basis. I know people who have been shot at and have been shot. I know people who have been injured by real bombs in real warzones who still haven't gone around complaining about PTSD.

If firing a comparatively small round out of a civilian rifle scares the shit out of you and you don't wanna ever do it again, fine, don't. I'm still freaked out by sock puppets; but, I'm not trying to ban them due to my personal experience or "my truth".

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