Martial Law: Virginia Gun Sanctuaries Threatened By Congressman

2개월 전
The very prospect of national gun confiscation should frighten any sane individual. For under the guise of "reducing gun violence", these mad, statists, these totalitarian leftists would dispatch men with guns to violently seize the legally held firearms of peaceful US citizens. This would bring about the most violent reaction, and cause hundreds of thousands of deaths nationwide, as the US would be thrust immediately into a gruesome civil war. There is no question. Many have already vowed that such measures of confiscation would be met with the most entrenched resistance seen in modern times. Remember this: THEIR TRUE MOTIVATION IS SUBJUGATION. Thanks for joining the Junius Maltby Channel! Donations and Tips Welcome: Ripple XRP: rPVMhWBsfF9iMXYj3aAzJVkPDTFNSyWdKy tag: 1317751799 BTC: 189oA75Fma4jNAkcDetQX6YQpsBDktH9Wm LTC: LeR4z1FwYbgVHv791xydPqmbZeBjgG8wPt
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