Meet the YEET! Hi Point re-designs the c9

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Apparently, I missed out on this whole chapter in gun news when it was going on, but I just learned about it and thought gun people would enjoy this.

Hi point, famous for making really cheap guns that have questionable reliability compared to more expensive competitors has re-designed the c9 with some upgrades.
Upgrades include;new styling, removable backstrap, grip safety,threaded barrel, front serrations, accesory rail, "skeletonized" trigger, rear site can be removed so theoretically a dot or different sight could be added.
It appears to have a loaded chamber indicator although I don't know if the original c9 had one or not. It also sports a double stack mag that may include as much as 15 round capacity.

As a publicity stunt, Hi Point decided to have a naming contest for the new gun and let the internet vote.
This tactic usually is breeding ground for fire MEMEs and that proved to be the case.
Apparently "YEET CANNON" was chosen by the public to be the name for the gun, (which was also what some people were recently calling the new Hi-Point carbine in 10mm unofficially)

Apparently after the public had spoken, Hi-Point decided they would rather not give this new MEME gun a MEME name,
this caused great disappointment and backlash from the gun community and prompted sharp advertising people from other gun companies to jump in and fill the vaccum of non-Yeet Cannon named firearms including companies like Aero Precision and HK.

In the end, Hi Point relented to the masses and gave the people what they want and the new pistol was christened "Yeet Cannon YC9."


Here's a video showing what I think is the 3d printed model of what the gun will look like compared to a c9.

Thanks for reading and be safe! - @raddog

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