GYM rewards-Doing exercise lead people to have a healthy life

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Doing exercise lead people to have a healthy life. Lack of exercise increases the diseases like heart diseases diabetes, high blood pressure etc. Physicians, health organizations and even government actors have tried to figure out how to motivate people to do exercises. The solution has come out with the launch of GYM rewards which is an innovative programme that rewards individuals who exercise with their native GYM token. This programme helps people to consider their health while earning money by doing exercises

The white paper motivates people to work out in our fast-paced society. In order to accomplish this solution we not only have to develop the technology. But also the necessary partnerships with large scale gyms.

GYM rewards motivate people to workout
The GYM rewards whitepaper goes into details about the exercise problem. This shows that people do not have time to do exercises. Therefore this white paper describes several ways that people find out motivation. For instance going to the gym with a friend, tracking the progress, or rewarding yourself. Most of the times, people who need to exercise the most find themselves tired after the work. So the GYM rewards had found the best solution to this, which gives a chance to redeem the token gaining after the exercises. These tokens can also be redeemed at gyms, athletic events, or traded at Exchange

The GYM Exchange
This facilitate people to trade the GYM rewards tokens with zero fees. Users will have a access to quick and accurate trading engine

The team
The GYM rewards team is considering to uplift their project to make it a success.

GYM rewards app
The ultimate goal of GYM rewards app is to be the all in one solution to pay attention to peoples’ health.

Services given by GYM rewards app
• Heart rate monitoring
• Exercise log
• Crypto-currency wallet

GYM rewards at your gym
• Download the app
• Start your heart rate monitor and app
• Get paid

Proof of exercise (POE)
Proof of exercise or author may be a contract primarily based rewards system, that works by police work locations within the geolocation coordinates contract and victimization the athletic facility rewards mobile app to acknowledge heartbeats. Once the limit achieved author can unleash athletic facility tokens.
Running 10 minutes- 1666667 GYM per minute
Running 1 hour – 10 GYM per hour

Token Sale
• Start - March 2018
• Hard cap - 15000 ETH
• Soft cap - 100 ETH
• Token – GYM
• Exchange rate 1 GYM- 0.0001 ETH
• Project protocol – ERC 20

Why to buy our token?
The athletic facility Token is used for the ICO funding of the athletic facility Rewards App and
Blockchain token structure that may be used for the fitness trade.
• GYM transaction fees will be distributed among ICO Investors in relation to their token market share at the moment of ICO closing. (per QTR Payment)
• GYM ICO Token Holders can receive 1:1 on Ethereum athletic facility Token to Plate
GYM Tokens

Token Distribution
• 5% Long Term Reserve
• 5% Core Team
• 4% Airdrop and Bounties
• 3% Advisors and Partnerships
• 10% Token Sale*
• 73% for GYM App Mining
Max Cap: 2,000,000,000
*Whatever does not sell at the ICO goes back to GYM App Mining. All token allocations will be mirrored at the Plata Blockchain.

Website :-
Twitter :-

bountyhive Username:-:- chandana

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Ohh,, it is amazing... it is a big help for lazy persons like us,,, haa,, now they will be encouraged due to the payments with gym tokens,,, it has a very good and attractive app to measure our workouts,,, can you really tell me that where can i get this service of Gymrewards?


Sir, you just need to download gym app to your smart mobile phone and get in to a gym which registered with gymrewards,,, definitely you will get good rewards with gym.. if you like contribute to this project. This is the officail website-

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