Got fat // Gym day 1

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It was time to face the music. Stuffing your face every day with food unfortunately starts showing over time. haha
Today i looked at myself in the mirror and i saw a Turkish kebab vendor that is his own best customer. It was time for a change.

I have this problem, kinda.

I never watched what i ate. When i was younger i used to play basketball. Training twice a day and games on sunday, so i could eat a horse and not notice it.
I remember during college in the university cantina id order something crazy like 3-4 hamburgers and end them in a couple minutes.
But then injuries came and knee surgery and my career was done.

Because of that i never learned my limit since i could eat as much as i wanted and never get fat.
Go a couple years into the future and i went from a 6 pack to a cushion belly. Lol.

Anyways... Since i follow @exyle and @nathanmars on twitter, my twitter notifications are filled with them doing the "Seven" challenge. So i decided to join the Seven challenge myself (kind of lol)...

Doing 7 push ups per day wont do much for me so instead ill try and lose 7kg (15 pounds) in 30 days or as long as it might take. Thats a pretty difficult challenge to do while keeping healthy but its not impossible since i have already done it a year ago. (lost a bit under 15kg in around 2 months) Ill also try and increase my bench press by 70 kg. (A year ago i benched around 150kg or 330 pounds and today i did a 5x3/ 80kg.)

So i have 2 sevens present. haha. I think thats symbolic enough.

So here are some numbers...

On 22.5.2019:

Weight: 128kg (282 pounds)
Height: 198cm (6 ft 5)
Bench press: 80 kg (176 pounds)


Weight: 121kg (266 pounds)
Height: 205 cm (6 ft 7)
Bench press: 150 kg (330 pounds)

To make it more juicy im going to share my "shame" now. Haha. A gym, day 1 selfie. I would have taken my shirt off but the man titties arent a pretty sight. lol

Ill see you guys and

Keep on exercising!

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Well if you are 6'5" weighing as much as you do isn't bad at all. Got worried when I saw your weight but you're really tall 😁

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Well... Its not amazing. haha.
Im not obese, but overweight... That i am. Seeing those numbers settle on my scale wasnt a pretty sight. lol


sounds like you an I are in the same boat so to speak. I definitely am not fat, but I have the 40 year old spare tire. It is always the last thing to go :)


Haha. Yes the spare tire problem. I know what you mean..

Gyming and watching on our diet also helps to reduce weight or fatness of the body. Probably not everybody want to be fat

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Congrats ! Day 1

Welcome !

Let's Together Keep On
Change the Steem ♨ World !
#steem ♨ On ! to the 💙 Universe ♬
#seven77 with LOVE 💙 PASSION !

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