Hacking of another exchange

2년 전


Reception of request for refund will start on September 25. All requests will be paid on October 10 and October 25. After October 25 no request will be accepted Non-affected coins/tokens will be fully refunded Stolen coins are: BTC (20%), LTC (20%), DOGE (50%), ETH (all), XMR (all), XRP (all), ZEC (all), DASH (all), WAVES (all), 808 (all), SMLY (all), XVG (all), BRO (all), SHND (all), GCN (all) Stolen coins balances are recalculated to BTC accordingly to their prices at CryptoHub on September 21 14:00 UTC-3 After that recalculation and accordingly to remaining BTC CryptoHub is able to pay 72% of BTC balance to every user.

Whoever had funds there did not despair read more here https://twitter.com/CryptoHubONLINE

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