Nullifying Crypto Hacks and ICO Fraud

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Crypto World is becoming more and more distributed among the global population. Cryptocurrency Market has been growing exponentially, even now the market has reached more than thousand times of growth related to the last few years. The reason is traders and investors have a higher interest in higher liquidity investments, where they can achieve higher profits even with high risks. So the cryptocurrencies are the best scenario in that case. But the crypto world is not a very lawful place to deal with. It has pros as well as cons in everything and everywhere. Although People can invest, trade or utilize cryptocurrencies according to their desire, But there is a major risk of losing funds. Investors can lose their wealth due to scenarios like purchases in ICO / crypto projects which are scams, a smaller growth of coin values, coins becoming dead ( removal of coins from crypto exchanges). Apart from that, the main reason is the larger-scaled hacking of crypto exchanges.

Crypto world is also not a bed of roses, It had many downward drags in ast few years of Its life. Decentralized Autonomous Organization (The DAO), The DAO had a highly successful crowdfunding campaign that attracted approximately $150M worth of Ether. In there $70 million was drained by a hacker in just a few hours. Mt. Gox was one of the tops in exchange business. The company lost almost 750,000 of its customers' Bitcoin, and approximately 100,000 of its own. This amounted to 7% of all Bitcoin in circulation and was worth around $473 million at the time. Parity Wallet Hack. The attacker drained 153,037 ETH from a number of high-profile multi-signature contracts that were used to store funds from the token sales of previous ICOs. Bitfinex is one of the world’s largest Bitcoin exchanges in 2016. Bitfinex Company lost 119,756 Bitcoins, worth approximately $72 million. Bitcoinica was another popular Bitcoin trading platform. The attacker hacked the company’s production servers and made away with 65,250 Bitcoins. Total $2.3 Billion of wealth has been lost from the true owners.


The next generation ZEON project is starting its respectful career towards a safer and highly professional crypto community. "ZEON" will build the World's first DAO blockchain: the scalable and secure platform. Welcome to the safest and trusted future of the crypto world. Investment risks of crypto will be lower than ever with ZEON. ZEON has the best user-friendly infrastructure which has created with the Oracle system. The risk of investing in ICOs/Crypto projects has dragged to near zero with ZEON. At the edge, the ZEON project solves the problem of "mass adoption" of cryptocurrency into the everyday life of people. ZEON has the worlds safest wallet that has been created for its users. It allows exchanging, depositing, making P2P transactions as well as participating in crypto/ICO projects. The problem of ICO investments in nowadays is the value of coins becoming dropped lower than the ICO price. But the ZEON has a better solution If the value token falls lower than it was in the crowdsale then Zeon protocol proportionally reduces the funding for the ICO developers. S the Investors will become always safe. ZEON Trading Interface has created to give the best experience to their customers in trading. Not like earlier mentioned Mt. Gox, Parity Wallet or Bitfinex this ZEON project has the highest level of security, technology, and transparency. So the vulnerability of hacking has been dropped to a minimum value.

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ZEON has an ongoing taken sale, where anyone can buy ZNC tokens at a cheaper price. Doesn't matter, If you are a consumer a trader or an investor you can contribute this change and earn a treasury in near future.

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Very good article. You Explain it very nicely. Keep it up.


Really appreciate your interest in my article @pubudu, Hope you gained some information about ZEON .

I think this project is too cool, if I had the opportunity to invest ... But I would like to know what to do ... One serious: this new ICO that is being launched on the market? The currencies of your platform by registering and referring friends? I enlighten, I'm Airhub ... And the second question, leaving a bit of context, there is a platform called ETHC.CO that is launching a new cryptography, I would like to know more about it, than that she did recorded it according to the coins given, but I have a certain number of references, the second question is: will this new ICO be safe? or Will it be a waste of time? Could you help me with the concerns please?


5% of the total raised funds will be reserved for referring in ZEON, Please visit their website ( and seek for information or ask questions on their telegram (, If yo are a referrer guy, this wold be the most suitable project for you.
For your second phase of the coment, Of course send me the link


@milton7320 thank you for the feedback, I really appreciate that

thanks for this post @prasannpr143, ZEON is really something new and The most interesting and important thing is ZEON is the first coin with Oracle system that participates in ICO's projects to eliminate the risk of the tap of funding with DAO


You got the right information! Did yo fond about the tokensale
Look on their website, here

Zeon is a good project and your article told a lot about it and you explained it very well.
Most importantly it is first project with oracle.
Definetly i will gain more knowledge about this project.