Swift's network is still the goal of hackers!

3년 전

After stolen money from the Reserve Bank of Bangladesh, hackers are still targetted by sending bank messages through swift networks. The top officials of the Society for Worldwide Inter Bank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) have told the news agency Reuters about such fears. However, Swift officials did not want to know about the amount of attacks in the bank sector in a year.

Steffen Gilddale, head of the company's security program, told Reuters, "The effort is continuing. But we do not expect such an attack. "

Reuters questioned Stephen Gilddale, how many attacks occurred in a year, how much of the attack was successful, how much money was stolen? Swift's officer Stefan did not want to answer. The spokeswoman of the company, Natasha De Tren told Reuters, they have no evidence of the safety of the network.

Meanwhile, the Sri Lankan Bank saved $ 460 million stolen from the system. Using swift networks, six million dollars were stolen from a Taiwan bank in Sri Lanka last week.
With the latest cyber attack, the money was withdrawn in Cambodia, America and Sri Lanka. Earlier, in February last year, 10 million and 10 million dollars were stolen from the Reserve Bank of the Reserve Bank of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (New York Fed).

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Sometimes i have a feeling they do this on purpose and someone else in the organization is behind this.


good thinking vai... i agree with you