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TD Sequential is now on a daily "9" which signals an imminent turn!


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So will it go up or down ?



Hi .. I'm curious why you downvoted my post at

Please note that right now I am stranded and almost homeless due to coronavirus, and am currently relying on my Steem rewards to survive. As dramatic as that sounds, it is the simple truth, so at the very least I would like to understand why you have done this and if you intend to continue?


@ranchorelaxo, I don't know why you've downvoted my post, if it's just a random one then i don't deserve it. I am putting my Karma in my work, so it's an kind request to think about next person's situation and position before taking these kind of actions. We all can do so much good, so let's do good and let's spread the hope with togetherness essence. Have a great time ahead and stay blessed.




With light of Kindness we all can bring the changes, Smaller and Bigger both changes. Stay blessed.