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Hi @ranchorelaxo! :) I noticed you have quite a measurable stake and was curious if you were looking to make any new investments with that stake. I would be looking to acquisition about 100k of your stake in delegation to this bot, so that I can provide far more substantial returns and increase the user-base exponentially.

What I can offer you in return would be the removal of all current content curation in replacement of curation for two accounts of your choosing, each receiving 2 - 100% upvotes a day (4 votes for your choices in total.), from this bot, as well as half of all the curation rewards from the weekly power-downs, while the rest of the daily voting power would go to vote selling. A lot of bots have died out and there is potential for this one to take the place of just about all of them. With your stake, you would ultimately be the commanding delegator for the entire bot and your returns would be exponentially more than anyone else who's delegated to the project thus far.

Please, consider it and let us know. We would love to work with you in providing greater returns to you, as well as be able to provide a service to others, at a fair cost for the value added.

Thank you for your time.

Hi @ranchorelaxo, I noticed that you have not been active for last 8 months but still have your steem power without any use. Therefore I wanted to approach you and ask if you would delegate your SP to our project @art-venture, we have created it in August 2017 to support undervalued artists. There are still many active Artists around and it would be good to be able to reward them appropriately for their works and activity.

We are interested in future of strong Steem that is why we need resources behind to build up stronger community and motivate people. Please look at this magazine that we produce every second day and also you can look at @stef1 account to see what we are doing.

I am aware that you probably not interested in such social projects but without other active users the price of Steem may fall and Steem that you hold may loose its value too.

The important thing is we have never done Power Down, all the rewards are going to Power Up.

I thank you in advance,