Haiku Contest #2: Bugs and Arachnids in Winter

2년 전

Welcome to the second haiku contest!

The first one was such a success that I can't resist doing another. Seriously—go read the entries to the first contest. They are all great!

This one has a theme, provided by @negativer and @bex-dk and tweaked by me. The theme is: Bugs and Arachnids in Winter.

That is to say, please feature bugs or arachnids in your haiku in some way, but also remember: it's currently winter and haiku usually should feature something of the current season. Perhaps this means seeing the bugs waking up outside, with spring so near, or maybe it means seeing one that is wintering inside your house for warmth, or... well, your idea!

Haiku Contest Rules

  1. Upvote and Resteem this post. Tell your friends on Discord or steemit chat. The more people we can get involved here, the more fun we can have.

  2. Write a haiku.

    • Post it in the comments to this post
    • Make your own post with the haiku and a link to this post
    • Oh yeah, and while it's not required, I would prefer if your haiku were original. That is, that you aren't using the same one you previous submitted to another contest on Steemit.
  3. You may include a title or a headnote. A headnote is a short bit of text that sets the scene for the haiku. Some haiku poets use them (Basho and Shiki did) and some don't. You may also include a photo if you want.

  4. No syllable requirement, just keep it short. Aim for one breath. You can read my thoughts on syllable counts in English haiku here.

  5. In addition to the theme for this contest, it should have some kind of reference to nature and have a juxtaposition of images. I write should not must. If you think your haiku is strong enough to do without, go for it. I am not stuck in tradition and I welcome new creative ideas.

  6. Consider this quote from Jack Kerouac:

    [A] Haiku must be very simple and free of all poetic trickery and make a little picture and yet be as airy and graceful as a Vivaldi Pastorella.

  7. Have at it!

  8. (Psst—If you are stuck for ideas, go read some of the translated haiku in my Haiku of Japan series. Here is the latest with links to previous ones at the end, or follow the haiku tag here on Steemit)


Here is a haiku I used in the article referenced above.

snow beating down
my son is snoring

You can see I give a nod to the season, and there is also a shift in the action as we move from the scene (lines 1 and 2) to my son.

Another Sample

This one, a classic from Buson:

on the temple bell
a butterfly

You can read more about that haiku here.

An American Haiku Sample

And here is one of my favorites from Jack Kerouac:

No telegram today
only more leaves

Close Date and Prizes

Contest will go for 7 days, so that means the final day you can submit is next Friday the 23rd (Japan time).

Special thanks to @tinypaleokitchen of the Writers Block who donated 10 SBD for use in this contest. With her contribution along with the same among I gave away last time, the prizes for this week will be as follows.

5 SBD for first place. 3.5 SBD for second place. 2 SBD for third place. And 2 SBD in the pot for an honorable mentions or two.

I will be the sole judge.

Even if you've never written haiku before, I encourage you to give it a try! And Have fun!

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Moon shines on
spider in my head
hiding monsters under bed

Cool contest! I've never written haiku before, I'm surprised by how very different it is from writing other forms of poetry. Here's my attempt:



rushing from the faucet
wakes a sleeping spider


Ha! I followed you here.


Hehe! Wait... did I follow somebody here? I think I did. Or I might have just stumbled upon it.

In any case, I remember the geckos and skeeters in FL!

Here is my entry it is called A talented child
(Image credit myself)

Let me sleep
wings dream of future
life transformed

and the link to the official post https://steemit.com/poetry/@tygertyger/a-talented-child-dbooster-s-haiku-contest-2-bugs-and-arachnids-in-winter-following-his-3-5-3-suggestion

Haiku Entry


winter has appear
one lays an unseen pitfall
to survive the night.

ice nature winter snow white spider webs_www.animalhi.com_61.jpg

Original Haiku By : @memeitbaby

(Click here to be directed to the post)

#steemitfamilyph #haiku #poetry

Go on then, missed the first one but I'll give this one a go:


ice drips
from a chrysalis...
first spring wind

Kind of on the cusp of winter-spring, hope that works ;). Image from wikimedia commons: https://commons.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Chrysalis_or_pupa_-geograph.org.uk-_1173400.jpg

Under the gel
Opilione wait in the garden
In a piece wood


This is the first time I write a haiku.
On the patience of waiting for the end of winter.


Hello sir, @dbooster. An awesome contest you've got here. I particularly like the fact that you do not wish to make us adhere strictly to whole syllable thing.. I think haikus are better expressed as they come..


There is a smooth, black carapace;

Crawling against the cold white earth;

Pain and beauty in its arms...

Image credit: Getty images

Here's the link to the post;

Let's do this! Thanks for hosting another contest! Here's my entry:

spider web.jpg

frozen threads
the sun glistens down

and here's a link to my post with my entry: https://steemit.com/poetry/@millennialnow/frozen-threads-haiku-contest-2-bugs-and-arachnids-in-winter

My non-entry for this time:

The Prince of Summer:
By the Bo Tree,
surrounded by insects.
Never winter.

And a more cynical take:

The Sad Messiah:
By the Bo Tree,
insignificance surrounds me.
Always raining.

(The bugs in the second version are metaphorical, and hinted at, works when you know they should be there.)

@dbooster - "Anyone with even the slightest interest in haiku should give it a try. Let's see how many haiku entries we can get"
I can't make the syllables work out, and 3 lines aren't enough - eep! But it was fun trying.

  ·  2년 전

My first time actually writing a haiku, read a few and attempted writing before couldn't... Now i tried to incorporate the Japanese mythology (always been fascinated with yokais) together with the theme...

  ·  2년 전

images (3).jpeg

Bugs scuttling
The winter breeze
Brings the shriek of the yuki-onna


Oh was supposed to post the haiku here as well not just the link next time read the rules carefully first 😂😂😂

I'll give it a try.

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the confluence of silk
and February mornings spin
headstones for a nesting spider

Restewm and upvoted where in Japan do you live tomodachi


Thanks :) I am in Okazaki, near Nagoya.

my entry:
The Interior Decorators

pale moths suspended
a spider’s ode to winter
cobweb frosted rooms


Ok, here is my first ever haiku. I don't know about any juxtaposition or about what and what not. But here it is. Even though I'm afraid of bugs and arachnids! Pale Death

This is my first time writing a haiku. I hope I get it right

Here is my entry


Snow falls
So no bug falls on web
And spider falls from hunger