Hair woes...


Hair is one among the other things that makes you feel beautiful. I have always had thick hair which were short, but post pregnancy harmonal changes in the body gave my hair that sudden growth and at the same time reduced it's bounce. I now have hip length hair that is not very thick. I had however made peace with my hair until recently when I have started experiencing a lot of hair loss.
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My hair brush would be covered with hair after every stroke. YouTube DIY's didn't help much. As I pacified myself with ' that's what growing old means' I also noticed a few strands of grey hair. I am presently devastated. I hope those grey strands doesn't multiply.

I am not a very beauty concious person. I amdont use even a bit of makeup on my face, but I love my hair. I cannot imagine how I would love if I ever have to live without it. I hope the condition gets better soon.

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