TRUTH OR DARE #217 - Do the Halloween Spirits scare you?

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TRUTH OR DARE #217 - Do the Halloween Spirits scare you?


Hi Everyone welcome to TRUTH OR DARE. well it Halloween soon are you ready for the souls of the earth to come alive for one night in a neighborhood near you? Halloween has changed so much in the city i have to wonder will the custom survive(in the city i mean) i say this because now there are so many new cultures that do not even know about Halloween it's not like the old days when you or your kids walked around the block to collect the goodies or go to the wealthier neighborhoods to get the best treats. So funny as a learned about trick or treat when i was younger you had to have a routine like a song and dance or maybe a good joke because some people expected a performance a trick before they gave out the booty but i was well worth it most of the time, i got a apple once needless to say we were out for candy, money and chips cause candy was serious business :) Our costumes weren't as nice or complete as they are today but i think that the costumes available are much better these days. We always avoided the scariest houses on the block cause we were told stories about strange occurrences and creepy stories about kids gone missing and such. For many years even in the daytime i would walk fast past these places lol:) creepy is creepy so do the Halloween Spirits scare you? Please Enjoy play and leave a reply!

TRUTH OR DARE QUESTION # 217 - Do the Halloween Spirits scare you?


DARE: Send us a picture of your end of summer celebration you like? if you have one.. :)


P.s. Scratch my back and i'll love you back !:)
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Well, I think the traditions are here to stay but it's unlikely that they will be with the same scary treat they have always had. And I do highly doubt that given the media we have these days. If you have not watched a movie unveiling the mystery behind the story that has long been scaring you, then you must have read about it. Have you watched that horror movie or have you seen these people dressed up like the jokers.
Yes, the Halloween will survive but not for the reasons it had long been existent.

Halloween has really only been introduced for some years here now, a commercial holiday if you like during the downtrend since lehmann, an opportunity to shove gadgets up peoples wallets ... (probably sounds like my usual positive self but thats exactly what it is, there was no halloween here before that)

something like hallow's eve yea, and lightmass, dying old pagan traditions to scare of the ghosts with fire and all that and there's something called "three kings" where kids go door to door singing and you're supposed to give them MONEY , not candy ;-)

culture ... the driving force of society, recently more like the entropy in society ...

as for ghosts, i believe ghosts are as real as you believe them to be, perception is reality, plato and the cave, which means they can hurt you as bad as you would believe them to be able to, real or not, whats real to you is real to you.

which was probably not the kind of answer looking for here lol :p

i tend to leave my phone at home if eventual parties might arise ... so bummer there too i'm afraid ( i didnt really have one, im holding the celebration for the day i have a reason to do so...)

anyway :p .... thanks for another truth or dare :D

Thanks VERY much for keeping these out of this world TRUTH OR DARES coming my Friend! No, the Halloween Spirits do not scare me. But, I must say that I respect them LOL! :) The 8 True Halloween Stories Videos were beyond interesting. My most favorite part of Halloween is definitely the candy. Sweet post! All the VERY best! Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)

Very beautiful picture indeed Well done, my friend😊😊

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supper joks I got a lot of fun

Movies have done a great job in spreading the gospel of hallowen.A lot of horror movies use hallowen as the theme. There were some scary stories in that video.
As a lover of horror movies, i am sure spirits would not scare me.

No, because I don't celebrate Halloween

Spooky Holloween... 👻
Love Holloween ghost story especially during Holloween. I'll say I didn't scared ghost but if the ghost pop in front of my eyes , i can't imagine what could happen. Run or faint will be the choice. Here my country didn't celebrate Holloween but if I can participate I'll be in a vampire costume with pale makeup and wear red contact lenses. ☺

Maybe it is not to scare everybody but to remember our dead families and also our love once to visit them and remember them in our hearts