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Abra ca dabra UpvotethisPostus

this is my halloween craft! i painted them in 3 hours!

Briar Queen.jpg


Nice and impressive work!

Trick or treat @arcange careful of the scary bone fish! 🐟

This is really fun. Last night I watched John Carpenter's Village of the Damned, and I came up with an original story of my own.

Please share this original tale I wrote about a wicked troll and pumpkin magic.

Trick or treat @arcange 🎃
Have eye got a story for you and everyone :-)

Ghost writer 👻 Boo 47

This is a cool idea @steemitboard. Congratulations! I cannot wait to see the spooky badge on my board. Prepare to be scared. 👻

Love this! I won’t rest until I have that Halloween badge - got to get on my broom and track down my scary story....
Edits done on a photo I shot.

Very good idea for this week, and the badge is beautiful. I hope to obtain it. Happy day and Happy Halloween!

My history of Halloween:

This is a very fun idea. I am not a writer so I wouldn't be very well succeed with this. But will be spreading the word eheheh

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Oooh... got to get my writing hat mask on then 😆

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I have read the rules to get Halloween badge but one question I want to ask @steemitboard sir that images and story both are necessary to publish or only story


Feel free to publish anything you want. It would be better (but not mandatory) with some text and, most important, do not forget to include the magic words!

Here is my entry. Thanks again @arcange for this great idea. Haven't written a story in a while, really enjoyed it.

That’s fun- I’ll see if I can think of anything scary 👻🎃

Hello friends of steemitboard this is my story "Trick or treat" of the Halloween contest. I hope it looks terrifying, and you like it.

Oh dear lord i am nor such a great writer and with all things that need to be done i think i Broomstick to upvoting and reading all the scary stories, from the badge contestants.
have a great sunday and THANX
love Britt

As promised, here's my story. Also upvoted and resteemed the post. Now where's my badge? 😂

Seriously now, thank you again for the great job you do, @arcange. 👍

Awesome ... will do that

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Amazing, let's get spooky!

Nice project for Halloween. I am excited.

Good post. This is Halloween 🎊 promo steemit board

There were magical people and demons. That was the theme for Halloween. A collective of witches all saddling unicorns came to cross and a collective of demons.

As the two parties approach one of the witches screams out; "This is a ladies only party. That devil right there is a man!"

The only man within the group replies; "What do you mean? This is a costume of a female devil? I thought the heels would give it away."

"Trick or treat!?!" A unicorn screamed.

Glad he brought a pillow sack. The devil opened the sack and placed it in front of the unicorn. "Trick or treat?"

One of the witches looks over at the man and says; "This is why we didn't want men at the party. She was asking you for the trick or treat first."

The devil looked at all the ladies around him and said; "All I have is a pillow sack and this costume."

One of the unicorns said; "Where did you get those heels?"

The devil replied; "I took them from my mothers collection. They were in a box tucked away at the top of her closet."

The unicorn continued to question the devil and said; "Do they have red on the sole of the heels?"

The devil answered; "Yeah they are Christian Louboutin or something like that..."

The unicorn said; "What size are they?"

The devil replied; "There a little big for my feet right now. I'm not sure of the size."

The unicorn replied; "Why do you give me those heels and I'll give you my candy. That way you can give us all a treat."

The devil replied and said; "Ok."

The ladies all said trick or treat to the devil. One by one the girls took all the candy back. The devil went up to every girl and said; "Trick or treat?"

The first girl told the devil that she ate the candy. Every girl their after replied the same. It appeared all the candy was eaten before the devil would get a piece.

The devil said; "Why is it that when I asked I don't get anything."

The ladies began taking off their jackets and the devil began to grin.


"What's going on? I thought it was ok to be the only guy at the party!"

"Your skirt is on fire!" The ladies began shouting at the devil while taking turns pounding with their jackets. As the ladies were smashing the devils waistline they began to laugh.

"Wait!" The devil check to see if his skirt was on fire. "My skirt didn't catch fire!" The devils skirt wasn't on fire.

The unicorns and witches made a circle with their demon girlfriends. The huddle was plotting and planning something for a Halloween scare. The ladies began counting down from three! All in unison the ladies shouted; "Tricked you!"

The ladies started laughing. The devils eyes grew massive. Behind the ladies a giant witch came stomping into the magical forest! The giant witch yelled; "LADIES WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH MY CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN'S?" It was the devils mom.


Please give me the Halloween Badge! Thanks!



@sutter, you had to make a post, not a comment. And the challenge has now ended. Read the rules.

🎃HALLOWEEN Story🎃 : 💰Trick or treat💀



🎃 abracadabra 🎃 abracadabra 🎃abracadabra🎃

I've already written two scary Halloween posts in the last few days, so I won't torment my followers with another. I've included them here and have upvoted this post. I don't think they qualify, but they are fun, I think :)


Upvoted. I hope it will hep you to get the 10 upvotes.


🎃 😱 🎃

Very good idea my friend! I support you from Barcelona!


Nice pic @flamingirl. Thanks for your support!

Thank you for the badge and I will be making my Halloween entry.

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Good very good steem

I hope I got all the "rules" covered. I am unsure about getting 10 votes, I just do not have many followers. But we will see I guess. Here is my post:

happy halloween day !

may the halloween be with steemitboard ! :)

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Unfortunately, your post won't qualify for this challenge because it has been posted way before this post and it doesn't meet the challenge's rules.
Anyway, you're welcome to submit a new story.

Hello friends of steemitboard this is my story "Trick or treat" of the Halloween contest. I hope it looks terrifying, and you like it.

Das einzig Grußlige an meiner Geschichte der Schreibstill :D

Missed the deadline...
Have my maximum upvote and a cool pic I shot last weekend:
A picture is worth a thousand words...
Are you generous enough to grant a badge for a good effort? 🙂

I write about crypto but i wanna join. guess it won't hurt if i just do it once in a while.


guess it won't hurt

No, it won't ;)