The Museum of Crafts and the Jam Library

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I recently visited an interesting place where I saw how spoons made of wood.
And he visited the only jam library in the world.

  1. Yaroslavl Region, Rostov District, Semibratovo Village.
    In ancient times, the far-sighted grandfather Makarios taught the mind of the mind of the local bandits - the seven brothers.
    Those instead of looting began to cut down the forest and make dishes, and so they got up in their business, that they glorified the village for the whole district.
    Local residents are honored with history and folk crafts, so they created a real Baculosis Museum.

The museum is dedicated not only to baklush.
Here you will meet the symbol of the Yaroslavl region and the king of Russian bears bear.
He growls, by the way, sparkles glazischami and tells legends.

And all because the Museum has real bears!
Tosha and Masha. They are 5 years old.

Once they were discovered in the forest by an employee of a local sawmill. They were killed by poachers, and the bear cubs starved to death.
Brought here, fed, heated.
And they live like that.

Carrots - like chocolate.
Feed and porridge and bran and all that is necessary. Meat only, like, raw do not give.

Aviary, of course, need a powerful.
Bears grow quickly and play like children. Very strong and heavy children.
Yes, and in hibernation leave right here, in advance having prepared yourself from hay and a tree "dens" in the next closed aviary.

There are ducks, geese, but after these giants, this is not serious.

We go to a large two-story building.
Check out the design.

Imagine, this is an ordinary room, where they tell about the history of the craft for making wooden spoons.

Meet - a bugger.
The one on the right.
The logs of the tree were cut with an ax to the logs-the sharks. And from them axes were beaten with an ax - preparations for the future spoon.
Usually, the buckets were beaten from raw birch, linden or aspen.
To cut such blanks was a simple matter and even children could do it.
For a day could easily make up to 100 pieces. Therefore, a simple exercise that does not require special expenses and is called "beat the buckets".

With the development of technology appeared batsheusheboks, with such an "apparatus" the preparation of buckets in general went at an industrial pace.

Having dried out the buckets on the bank of the bucket, the master cut out the handle and, using the cutters, hollowed out the groove.

In the wooden base there is a hole, the future spoon rotates, and the cutter knocks out excess.

In principle, it is not difficult.
The main thing to get used to.
In the old days, women easily did it.

With these terrible objects, the future spoon was brought to the desired shape.

Well, it's a little thing to grind.
It is possible and on such "machines" with a foot-operated drive.

But it is possible and in such "stripping", where the drum was filled with spoons, stones and sand.
"SportLoto" could even turn pregnant women, and the spoons from there came out already smooth. A marriage broke.

Then the spoon was soaked, coated with a paste and painted on top of it.
After that, the semi-finished product went to a heated furnace without fire.
There the picture was fixed.

On the photographs of the Museum you can see whole families of spoon-boats in Russia.
They do not seem to be sad.
Business was in demand. Spoons were things individual, foreign devices were not taken, it was believed that someone else's spoon you can strike someone else's grief.
So they wore hard-working such inexpensive spoons in their bosom or in some kind of silk.

Of course, there were rich painted spoons - "Basque".
Such large spoons put on the table and put in them the dishes, as now in vases and salad bowls.
At weddings, the newlyweds ate with a spoon, and when they baptized a child, they fed everyone porridge from one spoon, and then they sold it to the one who would give more.
Can the tradition of giving silver spoons to a baby come from there? ..

Now the Museum boasts dozens of spoons from all over the world.

Is and just for young.
A good, by the way, gift. Keep in mind.



Even in India there are similar spoons!

But the price of such copies reaches hundreds of thousands of rubles.

These beauties needed to be filled with something tasty.
And in time was found the Jam Library.
Here, in fact, an unreal number of various types of this traditional Russian delicacy.

From berries, vegetables, flowers .. Different combinations and volume.
You can buy it.

And to begin with in the local "reading room" to tasting several options and try to guess what you have caught.
Very unusual and delicious!

When he left, he bought a spoonful for his daughter.
Now she is only jam and honey. Individually.
As in our ancient traditions.

Have a nice day!
And remember: A resourceful guest does not go without a spoon!

All photos in my blog were taken only by me.
Thank you for reading and upvoted my post!
Follow me and I follow you))

With best regards @Nikitinskiy

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