Don't be in happiness, look for happiness

2개월 전

So far in 2020, we've heard so much bad news: the outbreak in Europe and the United States, the racial 'spiritual violence' in the U.S., the economic slump, every negative news is hitting everyone's confidence!

This is a big era, a common world!


In life, we all have an illusion: happiness is always someone else's, only trouble belongs to their own!

The ancient Roman philosopher Pbrilius Silus once wrote, "Those who think they are unhappy will not be happy." "

"Happiness is not just a state of mind, but a psychological assessment. "Talking to happy people, I find that, without exception, they all identify themselves as happy.

There was an interesting survey: Who is the happiest in the world?

Of the tens of thousands of answers, four are impressive:

The mother who bathed the baby, the child who was piling up the castle in the sand, the artist who whistled to admire his newly finished work, worked for hours and finally saved a patient's doctor.

Happiness is so, as long as the heart feel, ordinary but not simple.

Happiness is a conscious choice, a way to describe yourself, and when you say you are happy, you begin to find evidence of your happiness.

People come to this world, but practice, all the sorrow and love, love and hate, but their own mind, just want not to open, or perhaps has not yet come.

Perhaps everything is both sides, bad things can become good things, in any predicament, we do not lose confidence, believe that a better tomorrow is in front of you.

Maybe we're all right, we all just want to get our lives across the better. Although we will have some wrong choices in this process, we always believe that the future will be bright and hopeful.


Sometimes, always think of the former pure and innocent self, and now, we are beginning to slowly mature, those silly days of laughter, those days of silly laughter, those days of white clothes floating, that time of laughter, are no scruples thrown to the past;

Life, there are too many willing to do not want, to and do not, love and do not love. Rather than struggling with contradictions, it is better to accept things that we cannot change with a calm heart, to change things that may change, to find places in our inner world that can break through, to find places that cannot break through, to find places that cannot break through.

In this way, we will be more happy, less trouble, more sweet, less bitter.

Some people say that life should be well lived. I think, we should live for ourselves, not the worldly, even if only to do a humble grass, no bonsai flowers that expensive, but we still have their own piece of open space, will still have for our free growth of that piece of sunshine.

A word from the German philosopher Heidegger:

Man should live poetically. Whatever we meet, it is the collection of our lives.

Don't stand in happiness in search of happiness, walk their own way, appreciate their own scenery. Don't envy and look up to others, learn to cherish the happiness in front of you.

Happiness is actually very simple, as long as enjoy the present has everything. Just when we have, we have to feel the heart, heart to cherish.

To be a happy person, know the blessing can perceive happiness, sorry to retain happiness.

Or you try to open the window of the heart that has been sealed for too long, you will find a ray of bright sunshine, is quietly shining on your heart, stay in your heart, leaving a light warmth...

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