Five Signs You're On The Right Path In Life


  1. You have reached a point in life where you don't follow blindly, you are able to easily differentiate false views from the truth of reality, without allowing any bias to interfere with your clearly seeing the truth.

  2. You clearly set noble intentions for your life that are admirable, worthy, do not harm others and are for the sake of good.

  3. You are a master of your speech, or are very good at speaking truth, without harsh, cruel and empty words. You speak words that spread goodwill and happiness.

  4. Your actions are moral and ethical for the good of all involved, never harming, always helping.

  5. You are vigilant and diligent with recognizing false feelings and perceptions, quick to drop them, quick to recognize the actions of the fabricating mind. As a result you are truly wise, without ego.

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