Keys to Happiness



Everything in life have a key, but what is the key to happiness? A question that must be in everyone's mind. Everyone is looking for happiness in everything, at all times and places, but not everyone. There are those who make happiness by themselves, but where can we find happiness? Is happiness a lot of money and wishes? Is happiness is family stability? Or happiness in traveling and traveling between different countries of the world?

Happiness varies from one person to another because of the different psychological qualities of each individual. However, some studies have shown that there are five key areas that can affect an individual's well-being and make him feel happy

Prioritize our priorities

We need to prioritize, rather than pursue happiness. In theory, many of us think that the most important thing in life is to get an important job and make a lot of money. So we sacrifice happiness for other things. So the first steps to achieving happiness are to identify the things you feel in the first place, whether it's going out with friends, spending a quiet night or so

Take your responsibility

Do not blame others for being dissatisfied. Be aware that you have the ability to control your thoughts and feelings, no matter what you are exposed to. So if you can control your thoughts and feelings, this will trigger negative thoughts and you will feel happy. This is known as "emotion control". The first steps you can control your feelings are to have a healthier lifestyle. By taking care of yourself, eating healthy food, knowing the sports activities that you prefer to practice and making them part of your daily life


If your happiness depends on feeling better than others, you will be frustrated all the time. Even if you see yourself better than your colleagues at work or study, you should realize that sooner or later someone will outdo you. So stop comparing yourself to others. We can use comparison as a way to motivate ourselves to become better, but only the fool is thought to be the best in all aspects of life. If you stop comparing yourself to others, and seek to fulfill your dreams you will become happier

Do what we love

The more we love to do is the more we feel happy. So do things that you enjoy and make you happy, regardless of what others think. For example, if you like to write, cook, or even travel, save time to practice those things that make you happy


The more we realize that we can trust others, even those we do not know, the happier we are. Did you know that the most happy countries and societies are those whose citizens feel they can trust those around them? Confidence in friends and family is normal, but your faith in strangers is a sign of the strength of your confidence in life in general. So you should be more open to talking to strangers every day, whether in a store or in the workplace. You should also focus on the positive side of talking to others, not being afraid of not being able to trust them.


Best regards, ✍
M'ssieu Abdo

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