Worrying will be the end of our generation.

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Something so interesting and awesome about the brain is it's survival mechanism. No matter what animal or species, the brain knows from birth that it needs to keep the body safe for its longevity. Have you ever noticed how it seems much easier to focus on the negative situations instead of positive ones? How we tend to be attracted to drama and news in order to know more on whats going on out there.

That's the brain at work, doing its job trying to protect you.

Lets think back to the times of our ancestors. Survival was a vital role to the brain. If someone got into a dangerous situation and survived, the brain would learn and remind one of that situation in order to avoid it and have a quicker reaction next time.

Now lets fast foward to today. Say you get in trouble or you fail at something, your brain might end up replaying the same scenerio over and over again agonizing over it. But there is no need to agonize over the past. You learn and move on. I see people replaying sad/emotional thoughts and even sharing them with friends but never move on. They tend to be stuck on that one memory or memories that didn't go right hoping to change it but they simply can not. They soon become victim to their own thoughts and instead of learning from them, they always have negative thought which in turn give them negative views and results on everything.

In any situation, we can take what we go through and learn. When you know what you DO NOT want then you can ask yourself "What DO I want?"This often always is a positive thing which will change your perspective of the current situation anyone is going through, becoming the best version of ourselves. Now you realize its all upto you - will you rise to the occassion at hand, heal and grow on? This power will always be with YOU.

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Thanks for that positive and uplifting post. It's what I wish more people would do.