CyberWay yearly 2019 recap, plans for early 2020

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Brief summary

2019 has left an important imprint in the entire blockchain history as a single blockchain was entirely transferred to another, a 3 year old Golos was brought as a decentralized application to CyberWay platform by a decision taken by Golos witnesses following the wishes of the Golos tokenholders expressed back in April referendum.

The migration process was almost effortlessly executed and CyberWay chain went live August 15, 14:00 (UTC), the detailed transition review is here.

List of CyberWay releases:

CyberWay documentation repo

Our documentation portal was launched shortly after the chain launch:
This repository was altered numerous times before coming in such a diversified state. Access the portal for the introduction to our platform, all the “how to”s, manuals for all the network parties possible.

Golos chain development prior to CyberWay launch

3 HardForks of Golos application were completed throughout the 2019 year:

Golos smart contracts adjustments taken after Golos transit to CyberWay :

As it was announced before, CyberWay would support Golos application as one of the applications on top of CyberWay. The system of workers that we have been developing for Golos application will be presented and released by @cyberwaydev team in January 2020. It was truly a delight to be part of such a long and memorable journey with Golos! launch

@stihi-io, another application on top of CyberWay, a free publication portal is successfully brought to CyberWay as well. We are looking forward to its launch in the fully operational mode! In the meanwhile, the registration is open starting today, December 30.

CyberWay team is accomodating the service with all the additional dev support necessary.

Commun launch

Last but not least - a major event took place only a week prior to New Year - a launch of Commun application on CyberWay (, an aspiring Reddit competitor with the decentralized autonomous communities. We believe that Commun will be in the avant-garde movement of the decentralized social media applications!

Visit and join the @cyberwaydev Commun community:

Plans for the beginning of 2020

The worker's system launch

The system of workers, the one that ensures platform development by outsiders, to be launched in CyberWay. The workers will get 20% from target inflation in CyberWay. Any developer will have an opportunity to participate in the development of CyberWay blockchain. He/she will have to submit a proposal to improve CyberWay components and functionality. A technical specification should be written in advance of implementing a proposal. Depending on the relevance and complexity of the implementation proposed, the technical specification will contain either a brief description of technical solution or a detailed description of the implementation. The proposal can be implemented by either the developer who submitted the proposal, or any other user, including that one who provided his/her own version of the technical specification. If there is more than one candidate for the proposal implementation, the decision for appointment is taken by validators via voting.

The appointed developer (or worker) has to implement a proposal in accordance with the technical specifications.

The system of workers for CyberWay has already been developed. However, before launching it, it is necessary to conduct thorough testing, identify and fix all the bugs.

RocksDB-based DBMS implementation

The CyberWay blockchain node with MongoDB requires the administration of two processes — the process with the database and the process with the blockchain node. It may cause inconvenience in work of validators. The blockchain node with RocksDB, will be a monolithic service. This embodiment will not require the maintenance of any additional processes, since the database is architecturally built-in. This version will enable validators to run CyberWay on less demanding nodes in relation to RAM.

To conclude with a few lines, by all means, 2019 has been a revolutionary year for us and other blockchain visionaries. We’re proud of the immense work that was done throughout these months and sleepless nights; we’re grateful for our online community that keeps growing like a wildfire and connects us with brilliant minds from all over the world. Let’s continue this sensational journey in up-and-coming 2020!

We’re hoping to welcome more endeavouring applications in our network. Learn how to join CyberWay as a community and get funding.

Thank you to our validators, your strong dedication and goal-oriented attitude. We hope to see your number grow as well as amount of beneficial activities for the platform such as seed-nodes incorporation, etc.

We wish everyone the happiest holidays and a Happy New Year!

Best, CyberWay dev team

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