The bottom line of happiness

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Franklin D. Roosevelt's home, which was the 32nd president of the United States, was stolen. A friend wrote to comfort him, and Roosevelt wrote back:

In this way, you can feel happiness every day, happiness is around.

"Dear friends, thank you for your comfort, I am now all right, but also happy. Thank God. Because: First, it is my things that the thief steals, not my life; "

The Russian writer Chekhov said:

In this way, you can feel happiness every day, happiness is around.

"If you have a thorn in your hand, you should be happy, but fortunately not in your eyes." "

In this way, you can feel happiness every day, happiness is around.

Originally thought that this is just a kind of humorous teaser, only later found that, in fact, this is also a kind of attitude to life and wisdom of life.

In fact, every moment we are lucky, any disaster may be added to the 'more' word. "

They're actually drawing the bottom line for happiness, and each person's situation is different, and the bottom line is different.

This OUTBREAK OF COVID-19, there is no meaning of luck, just to the people away from the virus blessing. Keep your health healthy.


The death toll is still rising to half a million! Also continue to insist that the virus is not far away!

Now most people are starting to go from confusion to normal. The outbreak happened so suddenly that many people became panicked, but now they have adapted to the new pace of life!

Happiness is actually a feeling, a person who always feels very painful, often is the bottom line of happiness painted too high people, expectations are too high, desire is too big, the result and reality produce a large gap, so the pain came.

For example, a writer who draws the bottom line of happiness on the Nobel Prize, ambitious, but he is hard lying in his life, because the opportunity is too remote;

And a regular amateur writer who publishes small articles, but often satisfied, feel good, because his bottom line is: the article can be published is happiness, do not care whether long or short.

A happiness bottom line painted in the rich and hostile country of the rich, it is difficult to think of things to achieve, nature can not be happy, even if he has been rich party, but not as much as those who make a lot of small money migrant workers happy, no concern.

Therefore, the waist-strapped rich may not be more than the family of small farmers happy, high-ranking expensive is not necessarily more than the street vendors happy.

In the final analysis, it is because they are happy bottom line is different, a painting is too high, difficult to achieve, a painting is low, easy to reach.

Take a step back and say that when you encounter disaster and misfortune, moderately lower the bottom line of happiness, but also help adjust the mood, through the difficulties, face life.

In short, if we can learn to draw the bottom line of happiness a little lower, really a little, a little closer to their own, a little effort can be achieved, so that you can feel happy every day, happiness is around.


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