VISITING A TOY STORE Coz im still a little child at heart!!!!

3년 전

How we grow up so fast is beyond my understanding it was like yesterday when my parents used to take me to the toy store all the time as i was sassy little girl back then although i think i'm still the same :)

The toy shops somehow reminded me of my own childhood and my own younger days when i visited with mum and dad.
I grew up in a time when there was limited access to shops and choosing things. There were very limited toys available in the market. Dolls ,kitchen sets skipping ropes, cars ,trains and balls were the limited choice we had to choose from back then.

But now kids have a nver ending variety and can choose from soft toys,plush toys,hoverboards, action figures (some are life sized itself). Their were figures from various movies and cartoon which i loved as a kid like Batman, Chewbacca from Star wars and many more.

I bought some figurines for myself too which are straight from my current favorite show on telly right now.Yep u guessed that right it's "GAME OF THRONES"
I Bought the figures of joffrey and prince oberyn who in my opinion suffered the most brutal deaths on the show.LOL
It was a nice visit.Hope to get back to the store as soon as possible and get my hands on more merchandise.
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