Wanted: The Best Dialogue Snippets Concerning The Steem Takeover, The Formation Of Hive & Steem's HF23


I have stated the importance for more culture to be created around Hive in the coming months in order to fuel its marketing and promotion outside of the blockchain we now call home.

And in order to lead by example I have started writing a song, a track that is already dear to my heart and will sum up the Hive story thus far, why it exists, what it has to do with Steem and why it will succeed.

I am immensely proud of the lyrics that are finished, and this week we'll finally start recording the vocal takes for the track. I am still looking for a fitting name, working title is "Hymn of the Hive" but that might still change.

Why am I announcing this track now without being able to post anything more concrete? Because Hive is a community effort, a hub for building tribes and working on a shared vision for a common goal - making Hive succeed. And since Hive is a community project I am looking for your help to finish the track:

I need the best vocal takes from interviews and discussions about the hostile takeover, the forming of Hive and - most of all - the best vocal snippets of Justin Sun talking about "his" vision for Steem and answering none of the crucial questions. Any links, mp3s or mp4s will do.

If you have links to the best quotes surrounding Sun and the whole shenanigans that went down on Steem please do share them with me in the comments.

I will scour the whole of youtube and do my best to find some awesome snippets but if you have them in preferably high quality somewhere it would greatly help me out!

I am also looking for awesome quotes by those essential in launching Hive. Quotes that sum up why Hive exists, what the prospect is and why it formed in the first place. Quotes that describe Hive's advantages over Steem, the process by which it got listed successfully - anything that is of value to Hivers, put into powerful words recorded with the best quality possible (low resolution headset recordings are to be avoided if I can get better quality samples).

Still have to look through the interviews of @LukeStokes and @TheyCallMeDan but the more material I have to choose from, the better. Quotes could come from anyone who helped to create Hive or who publicly advocated its advantages and aim.

As the track's recordings come along I will periodically share progress and once the thing gets released I am stoked to see the reaction. The song will be a Nerdfest and comes straight from the heart, relevant to all those who made the move to Hive. And those maybe yet to move over in the future.

I am thrilled beyond belief to finally get this track on the road in the studio this week as long as my choir is here and available <3

Be excited & stay tuned for updates in the coming days!


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Thanks for stopping by <3

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