SHA (Safe Haven) and Harmony

3개월 전

Hello friends, there is good news related to Harmony. I will not waste time and briefly tell you. Go!! I hope everyone knows what SHA (Safe Haven) is, if not, then SHA is a decentralized network that develops solutions for saving capital on the blockchain. It is one of the specialized projects in the field of cryptocurrency, which provides many products and tools for the correct and uninterrupted operation of the blockchain network. So, SHA plans to integrate the Harmony blockchain into its advanced products, how about you ??? One of the products offered by SHA is ThorBlock, one of the first solutions for financing on the blockchain. VechainThor - Creation and assistance of a decentralized fundraising for young firms and charities. In addition to this software, SHA has created SafeKey. You will ask what SafeKey is - a hardware security key that provides 2FA, multi-factor, and passwordless authentication in combination with secure storage and data sharing. This is one single key compatible with the Inheritance Safe Haven platform. Well, interesting ?? !! Then join Harmony and be the first. Let me remind you that the ONE token is traded on well-known exchanges and now you have a chance to earn it for free, as well as to be in the know about all the news.

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