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Harmony-Innovation-Hub is operated by Harmony Youths Empowerment Initiative (HYEI)
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"It has been setup as a not-for-profit company with the responsibility for the development and management of land and property for each hub. Harmony-Innovation-Hub has a well structure and clear aims and objective of managing the hub, attracting youth with skilled talents, venture capital and entrepreneurs, promoting the activities of the hub and also helping organizations locate, expand or maintain their operations within the hubs".

Project Benefit of using Harmony-Innovation-Hub
With the help of well-structured infrastructure been put in place by the team consists of both engineering and business experts who are driven by their innate passion to move the world.

Modern Scalability Issues: Saved by Harmony-Innovation-Hub
Scalability definition from Technopedia
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Scalability is a very real issue faced by many existing projects. Those that aren’t already facing scalability issues, may very well face them in the near future as their projects continue to grow. Eg

  1. modern web application
  2. platform scalability
  3. scalability issues in cloud computing

Benefit of using Harmony-Innovation-Hub
project of users kept under the infrastructure of harmony will be liable to have full scalability, fast and efficient consensus, scalable networking infrastructure, secured sharding.

  1. Full Scalability: - harmony solution is easily scale up and down to existing server, storage and number of users and projects of users has less restriction to storage requirement .

  2. Fast and Efficient Consensus Harmony-Innovation-Hub is efficient and fast convergent consensus algorithms for faulty nodes tracking in distributed wireless sensor networks Harmony is PoS and more energy efficient than PoW alternatives.

  3. Secure Sharding:- crytocurrencies, such as bitcoin and other coins, embody at their core a blockchain protocol Harmony-Innovation-Hub Beacon chain uses a DRG (distributed randomness generation) which makes their process Unbiasable, unpredictable, verifiable, scalable.

What makes Harmony-Innovation-Hub better than other sharding networks
Harmony-Innovation-Hub sharding network regulate its system on multiple shard nod and also engaged in both academic and industrial development which individual, organizations and projects benefit from. Harmony has learned from both industry and academia in developing its own linearly scaling, and provably secure sharding scheme which has overcome the bottleneck of other network like; Zilliqa, quickchain whose protocol and foresaw attack vector for corrupting single shards over time.

All of which defers Harmony-Innovation-Hub from others
• Randomness in the Sharding Process
• Epochs: Sharding Time Intervals
• Proof of Stake Sharding
• Resharding
• The Beacon Chain
• State Sharding on the Blockchain

A comparison of Harmony with other sharding based blockchain projects
The Implication of Network Resource Efficient
As the next generation communication network should be flexible, scalable, secure and reliable. Networking performance with the respect of allocation of well structure network resource, the performance result will clearly show the overall system performance which is influence by the underlying network setup. Sharing network resource that resource that required exponential resource which will have abide to some certain constraint like: security, compatibility, mapping, file transfer protocol FTP and file sharing. All of these using a network that is resource efficient like that of Harmony-innovation-hub will be taken care off. It can also improve communication, reduce errors and improve consistency, reduce costs and drive efficiency.

The Improvement of security and efficiency with Sharding on Multiple Layers
The BLOCKCHAIN is made up of thousands of computers. It is this hash power that allows the Ethereum Virtual Machine to function at the moment, "ETHEREUM works on a sequential execution basis in which every single one of these nodes has to calculate every single operation and process every single transaction. A transaction passing through this verification process can, therefore, take a long time". With sharding, the idea is to process a large database system in breaking it up into a smaller database, with the idea of improving security and performance, moving from a linear execution model. This will allow for multiple transaction processing at the same time. "As Sharding is complicated, it provides the type of throughput capacity improvement that enables public BLOCKCHAINS to rival networks like online gateway".

In a segment of decentralize system, security becomes the major concern, as it will be easier for hackers to take over a single shard due to the reduced hash power that will control individual segments, “also known as a single-shared takeover attack or a 1% attack”. Once a segment has been hacked, the attackers can potentially submit invalid transactions to the main network.
So when a network or system is shared on a multiple layer, it will prevent hackers to hack more than one segment before it will be rectified, the hacker will be left with 51% attack to takeover multiple shared network. This will also foster the increase in performance multiple shared network, because you don’t overload a single blockchain.

Enterprise infrastructure as accelerators of effective in providing support to enterprise in emerging market.

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