My Harvest

28일 전

When I came to college, I felt so excited about the new chapter of my life. Now I will graduate soon. When I look back on the passed four years, I gain so much knowledge. I have become stronger and are ready to face the challenge of life.

The greatest harvest of my college life is that I learn the major knowledge and have the critical mind. The purpose of education is to help us to be a better person, such as making the right judgement and being independent. Now I can make my own decision and predict the result. I know what kind of responsibility I should take when I make my choice. It is an important sign of being an adult.

What's more, during four years, I have made many good friends, who share the same interest. The strong friendship makes us like brothers and sisters. I think no matter where we go, we will keep in touch and help each other. They have been importance part of my life. With their help, I get over many problems and grow up.

My college life will be over soon, but I gain so much precious experience, which will help me succeed.

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