Hash Card – Provides Easiness and Convenience in Using Cards for Digital Transactions

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You have already known about the advantages of Hash Card and the benefits for a token holder. It is quite obvious that the card itself and holding the HSHC token are both beneficial. These advantages cannot be separated by the team who initiates and develop Hash Card.

The Team

Here, we will discuss not all, but the main team members of Hash Network Limited. Let’s start with one of the most important people of the company, Powel Goch. Graduated from Warsaw University majoring in Accounting and Finance, he is really knowledgeable about economics and finance. His ability is proven as he has had experiences in working as a senior accountant in many companies and startups. One of them is the IKEA Group. No wonder if he now becomes the CFO of Hash Network Limited.

The other strong influencer of the business is, of course, the CEO, Karol Kozlowski. He is excellent in team management. He is specialist in credit risk management. His education background in International Business Administration and experiences in working at many banks equip him with excellent capabilities in handling business risks especially credit risks.

Actually, there are still the other members of the team, but their detail profile is not available on the website nor in the whitepaper. You can check on your own on LinkedIn. In addition to the team, there are five advisors that will assist the team to reach the goal of the company. The advisors are the experts in business and technology areas.

The Roadmap

The idea of Hash Card was born in November last year. A month after that, precisely in December 2017, the idea was followed by negotiating with Debit card issuer in Asia. In January 2018, the company invited the first round of partners and investors. At the same time, the team prepared the whitepaper. It was also a good news that the Debit card had been confirmed. In February 2018, the team started to develop Card Wallet MVP and finalized legal structure. Website, wallet, and Card beta were all tasted in March 2018. Still in the same month, Hash Network Limited made a public announcement at Blockchain Summit Zurich event.

This May the company will work in the whitelist and public token sale. In the third quarter of the year, the focus will be on NFC payments. In the last quarter 2018, the agenda will be to issue EY card, essential licenses, and coin exchange for internal use. The company will also create and introduce corporate and salary cards.

Use Case

In order to give a clear description of how to use the card, an example is presented here. It shows how to use Hash Card for ETH-funded purchase. Let’s say you want to transfer 10 ETH to your Hash Card and use the fund to book a hotel for your vacation in Paris. The funds will be directly available for you to use on your Hash Card. The point is that there is no need to wait for the exchange to send a traditional transfer that may take a long time.

Token Sale Timeline

The crowdsale period will run for one and a half month. It started on 1 May 2018 and will end on 12 June 2018. A total of 90 million HSHC Tokens or 60% of the total token supply will be sold via the crowdsale.



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