Big Hashflare Discount!!!! 14 mar 2018

5년 전

Hey Steemians,

At the moment the price was decreased to:

1.20$ per 10GH/s SHA256
3.20$ per 1 MH/s Scypt

And also there is a 10% discount on it!!!

Thats mean you will get 10 GH/s SHA256 for 1.08$

If you didn`t already signed up on Hashflare, you should do it NOW!

Using my referral link:

to get automatically 10% on each contract!!!

or using the code HF18SPRNGSL10 on every order!

I really appreciate every follow and upvote. All SBD earnings are going into STEEMPOWER to reach more people!
I also will follow every follower, that follow me :)

Stay tuned and in cryptocurrencys we trust!

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