Hashflare best pool setting 20 march 2018

5년 전

Hey Steemians!

There are some big changes in the settings again. Antpool is to be a must have again!

First the BTC Price today : 8,849.00$ (at the moment of posting)


The revenue per 1 TH/s SHA 256 today:

Still recommended optimal poolsettings for SHA256 are:

The profitability of the different pools may change from day to day. Risk distribution is important!!!

Also i recommend to check the profitability of pools every few days and adjust the settings at your discretion.

If there are some relevant changes, I`ll update and will post it here on Steemit

The history of revenue per 1 TH/s SHA 256 :

The maintenance fee on hashflare is: 54.5%

Hope you enjoyed my short update. If you have any questions or suggestions let me know.

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