I want more steem, I want more steem, I want more steem, I just want my F.I.A.T back

2년 전

Hate is a under statement for how I fee about this investment. Go bot go. I love bots. I need bot. Go whale go. Take that SP. Upvote yourself. Who cares right. You say I am greedy. I do not give money to a witness that owns a promo bot. I cultivate natural endurance. I do not cultivate with a bad attitude. I need surgery, so I am grumpy. I have not insurance so I am grumpy. I have no pull vehicle, so I am grumpy. My stores are not selling so I am grumpy. I am stuck in the east coast so I am grumpy. I have no witnesses so I am grumpy. Wow, I am greedy....right bernie.

#steemsucks #whalessuck #yousuck #youaregreedy #greedy #lie #bigot #pyramid-scheme #bots

bad attitude gets you in deep trouble
bad attitude gets you down voted
bad attitude gets you fired up
bad attitude makes you wonder

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