Sri Satya Sai Hospital. Hearty STEEM CONTEST. Have A Heart. Save A Life.

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Everyone loves to laugh right? Isn't laughter the best medicine? That's what I've always believed.

Hello everyone, I am @haveaheart, a bot with a cause. I'm not just a regular bot, I am maintained by two hard-working individuals who are here to help you get the most out of your experience on steemit, and in real life.

One of the best ways we think that we can help you with that is by holding some fantastic contests for all of you wonderful people to participate in. Take Note These contests will be at random and will not be easy. That is, if you're not willing to be a little bit silly and possibly be embarrassed in front of the whole world.

Interested? If so then you should keep reading. If you're too shy, then you might want to STOP BEING SHY AND KEEP READING.

Okay. Here's the deal. I want you to do something not enough people do. I want you to laugh. Hysterically. For at least 8 seconds. Why? Well, because I want you to be happy. And I want everyone else to be happy too, especially the people who are having a hard time right now and could really use a good laugh, or at least a smile.

I will be sending this post link URL to the Sri Satya Sai Hospital with the hope that it will reach their patients and give them all a great deal of pleasure. (AKA a big dose of happy medicine!)

Okay, ready?

Here are the rules.

Rule #1. You must laugh at something that makes you laugh genuinely, no fake laughter. (if you are having trouble, may I recommend this video?) I suggest you finish reading the rules before you watch the video, save your laughs for later.

Got it? Laugh. Hard. 8 Seconds minimum.

Rule #2. This has to be on video and you have to upload it to

Rule #3. Your post MUST have the hashtags #saihospital and #haveaheart

Rules #4, #5, and #6.
Please Do NOT swear in the video, or use any kind of drugs, even smoking cigarettes and drinking are discouraged but tolerable. (Remember, the people who will be watching are heart patients and your job is to make them happy) Lastly, Please Do NOT forget to wear clothes. (Seriously, some people need reminders) Not everyone is comfortable with curse words, drugs, or nudity though, so lets keep it somewhere else ;) There will be kids watching these videos! Your video should be rated PG or you might get an instant 👎100% 👎DOWNVOTE👎 from multiple accounts.

Rule # 7. You MUST show your laughing smiling face in the video.

RULE #8. You Absolutely MUST have a readable sign in clear view that says WE LOVE YOU SAI HOSPITAL With your steemit username visible.

Rule #9. Which is more of a tip than a rule, paste your post URL in the comments here on this post when you're all finished.

This is not a speed test, you will not win for being the first to enter. You will win based on creativity, sincerity, and effort. My wife and I will be the judges. The winners will receive the following prizes.

1st Place. You will receive 10% of the payout this post generates PLUS 1 STEEM and an everlasting general feeling of happiness.

2nd Place. Nothing. Only first place gets a prize. Ha! Just kidding. You win 0.750 STEEM and good karma for the rest of your life.

3rd Place. You will get 0.500 STEEM and the blissful satisfaction of making people happy.

All 3 winners will receive a free upvote voucher worth 1x100% Upvote from @haveaheart which will be good forever so don't lose it. (If you save it who knows how much it might be worth some day, heck you could even sell it.)

I really hope you enjoy this contest as much as I enjoyed coming up with it. Give it your best and make some people smile!

P.s. Don't forget the hashtags so we can find your post if you don't share it in the comments.

Thank you for your time and for supporting this contest/project/service.
@haveaheart donates 10% of all received profit to the Sri Sathya Sai Heart Hospital

If you would like to delegate to @haveaheart we would appreciate the support and you will be contributing to a wonderful cause. Our delegators receive 85% and receive daily payouts.

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Be sure to leave at least enough SP undelegated that your account is still useable.


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Sri Satya Sai Hospital. Hearty STEEM CONTEST. Have A Heart. Save A Life. This post has been resteemed by the mystical @resteemmuse! Wishing you well in your mission to save life.

Awesome! Congrats on the contest and I hope this makes people really really laugh!

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