The First Ever #TeamAustralia Mega-Raffle - #HayRunners - A callout for Prize Donations



Hayrunners Mega-Raffle

Howdy #TeamAustralia and the wider Steem Community, we good folk at #TeamAustralia are raising funds, through STEEM, to sponsor some shipments of Hay and Stock Feed to farmers who are suffering in areas around Australia.

The drought that many areas across Australia are currently experiencing is one of the worst since records were first kept in 1900. Many farmers are having to sell their stock for next to nothing or euthanise animals as they can no longer feed them.

For those that don't know, the Hay runners are a group of farmers that organise a large Hay Run to deliver essential feed to areas of Australia affected by severe drought. To make this happen, we have a #hayrunners goal of sponsoring a load (or two or three) of donated hay in the next Brurumbuttock Hay Runners Hay Run. To do this we need to raise about $2500 AUD, and we're getting there slowly, Dollar by Dollar thanks to all of you who have been supporting us so generously!

We want to harness this platform and show people that it can actually be used for good, rather than for self-greed, as many would believe is the case on this platform.

To further the #HayRunners cause and collect some more charitable donations, I am officially launching the first ever #TeamAustralia Mega-Raffle.

Donations/Prizes Wanted

To help us get towards our goal, I am asking for donations that can be raffled off in the #TeamAustralia Mega-Raffle. This raffle will be run very similar to the #Steemsilvergold communities regular Mega-Raffles. Members of the community put forward items they would like to donate as prizes for the raffle (postage included).

To donate a prize, create a post with pictures of the donated prize using the #HayRunners tag so prizes can be tracked and recorded on the blockchain. I will then put up regular posts with the prizes donated so far for people to get excited. Prizes can be anything you think is desirable and worthy as a prize. They must also be tangible and able to be posted (at the donators expense) worldwide so I'd suggest not offering up a set of mag wheels as these may be costly to post!

First Donation

To get the ball rolling, I will be donating a Buffalo 1 oz silver coin as the very first prize for the raffle:


In the protective casing this is a 1oz of Fine Silver!

Raffle Ticket Prices

Raffle tickets are 1 STEEM or 1 SBD each. To purchase tickets, please send STEEM/SBD to the @TeamAustralia account with the Memo: Hayrunners Mega-Raffle. I will track ticket purchases and keep a spreadsheet of the tickets purchased and assign numbers before the raffle is drawn. The ticket purchases will also be included in my regular post for the Mega-Raffle. The random number generator in the Discord channel will then be used to select the winning numbers of prizes.

You can buy as many, or as little, tickets as your heart desires. The more the merrier.


Raffle Prize Draw Date

This is yet to be set and will be determined by the community. It will all depend on the number of prizes donated and the community members willing to get on board for a great cause. The draw will take place in the next few weeks and, as a community, am open to feedback on the exact date and timing of the raffle so people can be present. Stay tuned for an update on the exact date and time.

So now I need you to go out, re-steem this post, find a prize to donate to the raffle, create a post of your prize and tell your friends to start buying tickets. This is going to be the biggest #TeamAustralia community fundraising event we have ever had on Steem.

If there are any questions, please feel free to drop a comment or find me in Discord (either the ANZ one or MSP).

Thanks for reading and thanks for being a part of this amazing community!

Come and join us in the Team Australia Discord Channel

Thanks to @ryivhnn and @bearone for the fantastic footers :)

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I'm throwing in a $10 AUD iTunes Gift card.


Thanks mate. Much appreciated. Hopefully momentum will start to take hold.

Hiya is it gonna be worldwide or just Australia, sounds great Re🔀steemed🌫 👊

  ·  작년

Hey @owenwat, it's worldwide. Anyone can get involved with donations and buying tickets.