4개월 전

Nobody is perfect
But the thought of me and you
There's nothing more worth it
Feels contagious just like the flu
When I look out the window
Up Up and away in the sky
Searching for ur face like I'm on Kindle
Clouds align saying you're mine
Brown skin fresh like a meadow
Dark eyes that tell me a story
Enveloping me in your allure
Everything bout me you know wholly
Thinking bout you makes me secure
Not the perfect boyfriend
But promise I'll be more than a friend
We were just talking about children
Looking at the future
I can definitely see that possibility
Because with you, who wouldn't want eternity
Maybe two boys
Running around with their toys
Or two girls, playing with their dolls.
I'm smiling right now, more like laughing
That's the effect you have on me
That wonderful effect
I know
download (3).jpg

Nobody is perfect
For me, I don't want you to be
Just being you is enough for me

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