Benefits Mango And Dragon Fruit

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Not only in terms of health alone, dragon fruit also has an important role in everyday life, especially weight problems. Because women are very concerned about the numbers, then you can control your weight figure with the dragon fruit consumption. The benefits of red dragon fruit juice for this diet are even more effective than other fruits.

Because it is very natural then the side effects caused by the consumption of this fruit to date has not been found. Even the fruit is very safe even if consumed in the long term. So no one if you always make it as a juice or a healthy snack every day.

Not only the fruit, even the dragon fruit skin also contains substances that are also good for our bodies. Even the substances contained in the skin of dragon fruit such as taraxast, triyepene, and also pentacylic is able to help in flexing blood vessels. The effect that occurs after eating or drinking dragon fruit skin juice is that blood can flow well throughout the body. The benefits of dragon fruit skin juice can also reduce diabetes, just like the meat and also can maintain our heart health. As for a great way to eat it is to cut it into small pieces, then dry it by drying it.

After dragon fruit dry, then you can use hot water and drink regularly. Currently also has a lot of dragon fruit extracts sold directly drunk themselves, so you do not have to bother processing and dry it yourself. It benefits dragon fruit juice that we can consume every day. image

Benefits of Mango Fruit For Pregnant Mother

Sweet taste of course excess possessed by mango. The price of mango itself can be considered very affordable even though you have a husband who likes to plant it-then you will have your own mango tree at home, of course you do not need to climb while pregnant, let others do it. Here are the benefits of mango for pregnant women that you can get: Vitamin A Vitamin A is an important part for the health of your eyes. News vitamin A content is also present in mango. Although there is no vitamin A content in carrots, but you can also accommodate vitamin A deficiency by consuming mango during pregnancy. In pregnancy vitamin A plays an important role in the growth of fetal embryo. Vitamin A in mango also serves to keep the immune system and as a deterrent to various diseases.

Vitamin The content of vitamin C is also one of the benefits of mango for pregnant women. At a time when your nutrients will need a lot of vitamin C intake for fetal growth goes well. Vitamin C is a good source of antioxidants to be consumed by pregnant women because it is practical and easy to obtain. These antioxidants play a role in the development of resistance to harmful substances that can be accessed by cancer or pregnancy disorders. Vitamin C also plays an active role in the formation of collagen, wound healing and good iron absorption. Vitamin C also plays a role in fetal brain development, which supports cognitive and neurological function.

Vitamin B6 Vitamin B6 is a very important part in the development of nerve function both for the mother or the fetus it contains during pregnancy. Benefits of mango fruit for pregnant women associated with vitamin B6 is to help pregnant women from morning sickness disorder, which is a disorder that often occurs in pregnant women with very sick conditions in the stomach accompanied by nausea. The content of vitamin B6 in mango fruit is also good for brain development in infants because it helps the formation of red blood cells and neurotransmitters. Digestive disorders are one of the common diseases that occur during pregnancy. Many cases of pregnant women are attacked in the first trimester. Constipation is usually caused by fiber intake in the body. Fragrance of the news You can get fiber intake from the mango fruit and fiber can make you satisfied more suitable for consumption during pregnancy. The blood volume of a pregnant woman will increase so that it requires more mineral intake than usual to control heart rate and blood pressure. Potassium is one of the nutrients that exist in the mango fruit that serves to maintain fluid and electrolyte balance.

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Thanks @darknesscreator...It is useful for me..It is so good to lose weight with dragon fruit ...adding to the fact that it does not have any side effects...And well when it comes to MANGO (my favourite) I will not mind even if has some side effects also...But as you have mentioned the benefits of it I got the licence of having it more 😃 Thanks for sharing it.


You are welcome @steemitland 😁