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Experts need to be healthy that any patients who have been patient have severe effects of chronic human psychology and, if we wish, family members can reduce the severity of the disease by half to social interactions.
The recent research of the American Psychological Association is in view of the view that social males have a positive effect on the patient during health. In an instant, patients with a family and other factors during the disease are diagnosed. They come to the hospital early or those who are in isolation during isolation.
Social conditions such as cultural effects, family relationships and social cooperation are presented in the positive effect on the patient's health. Emotional support for the patients who are suffering from chronic or deadly diseases is very important.
This method is not only limited to physical health, but those who are suffering from psychological problems or disabilities, they need to be very impressed with family and other things that they should be based on their previous behavior, based on their illness. Understanding the current situation and problems, keep in mind the attitude of the people and those who are suffering from mental problems. Many people who suffer from mental problems are unexpected, and sometimes the time consumes the deformation due to which people of their sides It takes time to understand and handle those behaviors .For the best solution to this problem That these problems should be made possible to understand the psychiatric conditions of the workers and should be treated with sympathy and sympathy with them .As it is not physically and mentally easy for the patient's family, and to handle the patient Strengthening self-determination requires self-determination.
We need to understand the fact that people in our side are suffering from any type of illness, it is not necessary to be our psychologist for their bravery and help, but it is possible not only through your full attention, patience and patience. .
If religion is studied Islam, it is regarded as a culprit in worship, and should focus on religious, moral, social and most demanding human needs and instructions to demonstrate poverty and demonstrate humiliation. Parents' rights for free If you do not know what you are doing, then you can not do it. The person who is suffering from pain and suffering is the preference to be healthy, and if a person does not remember, then Allah should not be disappointed with the mercy and virtue of Allaah Almighty. All of the most painful social workers of the world, although they are Abdul Rasheed Rashid Yes, I am a help tract, the Yarnthowe Foundation will be an example of all human beings living for us. Can you all be able to cope with the sympathy, poverty and poverty of human beings, and after human beings? And human beings could also give them, except for prayers, so increase the number of hearts and hands of the praying ones. We can thus change religion and wisdom.

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