The first operation of artificial heart surgery in Pakistan

3년 전


In the history of medicine, the medicine department has crossed important milestones and artificial heart operations were conducted for the first time in Karachi's National Institutes of Immunity.

The 62-year-old Nusayma Memon is the first victim who has been wearing a mechanical heart whose heart was only 15% working.

Dr. Parvez Chaudhry, head of the team's leading hit transplantation, said that doctors in other team members include US doctors, about 5 hours requirement in the Hart Transplantation Operation, the National Institute of Emergency Medicine, Dr. Nadeem Announced the success of the operation.

Leading Surgeon Dr. Pervaiz Chaudhary said it is a artificial heart that costs a million rupees for heart attack.

He said that artificial heart surgery has succeeded and the patient's condition is also out of danger.

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That heart looks like a heart out of AutoBots.
And are those 3 pronging thing at the top are Spark Plugs?

That is really a great news in medical field. In conventional heart transplantation procedure, getting a matched donor is quite impossible. If this small machine can keep man alive, that's just miracle!


yes this is good step from Pakistan

That is a very big achievement I am proud of Pakistani doctors and scientists.


yes we are proud to be a Pakistani

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