Coronavirus: Follow The Money

3년 전

By Spiro Skouras

The headlines regarding the coronavirus are inescapable at this point, as more and more cases are being reported across the US and across the world.

At this point no one knows for sure how bad this situation really is, as we have seen major issues with the testing, especially here in the US, where more often than not, many people are not even being tested.

In this report, we focus on who is benefiting from this crisis -- specifically, who is financially benefiting from this crisis. As any detective or investigative journalist worth their salt will tell you, follow the money.


The Strongest Evidence Yet That America Is Botching Coronavirus Testing

Maryland declares state of emergency as 3 coronavirus cases confirmed

Grand Princess cruise ship at center of coronavirus fight amid concerns about spread

Utah announces its first coronavirus case. And the governor declared a state of emergency.

Coronavirus: UW suspends classes, coronavirus moves to more counties

New York governor declares state of emergency over coronavirus

Johnson & Johnson Announces Partnership With U.S. government to Accelerate Coronavirus Vaccine Development

The $35 Billion Vaccine Market

This Small Elite Group Made Millions From Coronavirus

How A Harvard Professor Made $400 Million From Coronavirus Vaccine

UN releases US$15 million to help vulnerable countries battle the spread of the coronavirus

World Bank announces up to $12 billion in immediate funds for coronavirus

IMF Makes Available $50 Billion to Help Address Coronavirus

Trump signs $8.3 billion emergency coronavirus aid package

CDC director's resignation caps bad year for health agency

World Bank's $500m pandemic scheme accused of 'waiting for people to die'

Government agents 'directly involved' in most high-profile US terror plots

Why Does the FBI Have to Manufacture its Own Plots if Terrorism and ISIS Are Such Grave Threats?

CDC Public Health Advisor (Quarantine Program)

Trump Signs Bill to Further Protect Critical Infrastructure, Including Pandemic Delivery System

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With every crisis, there will always be some people raking in billions while many others suffer without any hope for a comeback.

Lot's of interest in vaccines, and that sweet, sweet residual income from yearly shots, but not one penny for a cure. DRACO is seeing no funding, and nothing offers better resolution of infection by this pandemic pathogen.



Trump has repeatedly mentioned these new anti virals, we won't know who is getting the money until it's been dispersed and I am assuming it will go along the same route that companies will have to apply for the money. If DRACO doesn't apply they won't get a cut.

We also have to remember that each virus mutates and because one therapeutic works for one strain that may not hold true for a future strain. They also mentioned they are still in their clinical trial period. Regardless it seems like they are on the right track and if they go successfully through their trial periods they should have no problem bringing their product to market.


Sadly, DRACO undertook over a dozen trials against specific virii and AFAIK managed to cure all of them in vitro. Do have a look at the ink provided, where these studies are discussed. Thereafter, funding for such trials, that comes from pharmaceutical corporations or their lackeys in government, has been unavailable, and Dr. Rider has even turned to crowdfunding mechanisms in the hope of advancing DRACO.

"...each virus mutates and because one therapeutic works for one strain that may not hold true for a future strain."

This is exactly why DRACO is the best possible potential resolution of viral pandemic. So far it has proved to be effective against every virus it has been tested on, not just specific strains like vaccines.

It is a broad spectrum antiviral that works on the viral mechanism itself, not species specific antigens or features, a cure rather than a vaccine, and this is why Big Pharma will not fund it, or allow it to be funded. It completely demonetizes the business model of pharmaceutical companies by curing the diseases they profit from constantly vaccinating against and treating perennially.

This is a conditioning drill to make everyone accept, as a norm that social gatherings and such are the new taboo, to aid the powers that be in controlling humanity on the planet. Like when the cows are moved to a different pasture.

I think it's a bit early yet to make a call out, most of what you have stated isn't jiving with those putting out stuff from the alt media or dark web. China is a mess, this can be seen from the facility that came crashing to the ground yesterday. It's puts a whole new narrative on the media pushing that China is starting to recover and if people look closely enough to the narrative the media is pushing that eighty percent of the population will be just fine it's the older and ill population at risk....well if you look at the two people they dragged out of that collapsed building they definitely wouldn't have fell into any category of old or having "underlying" health issues in my book.

It is the toilet-paper coalition aka Procter & Gamble (P&G) owners of Charmin.