How to Maintain Good Health!

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The Most important for your physical fitness is your metal fitness if you are mentally
strong you will be physically strong as well !

If you take care of your metal health like you take care of your physical health.

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  • Reduce Stress :

Stress is also a part of life you must know how to deal with your stress if you take more stress it will harm you in many ways and you will think that life is not going forward any more that is why you have to control the stress which harm your health.

  • Make Good Relationship:

When you make a relationship with good people ,you will always be around good people and you will be mentally perfect and it will make you happy ,it will not harm your mental health,Good and supportive people will always provide you a good community .

  • Healthy Food:

Healthy diet is very important for the human body because its a requirement for both the physical health and mental health , it provide energy to the human body so we must be serious about or balance diet.

  • Daily Exercise:

the daily exercise like running and gym play a special role in keeping the body active and reduce stress ,it activate the chemical reactions in the body which make our mental health perfect !and the human nature is always in fresh mood.

  • Proper Sleep:

if we do not get proper sleep { Approx 8 hour is a proper need of human body}, Also going early to bed is good for mental health,By getting proper sleep we will not get emotional and psychological problems!And we will be more aggressive for the next coming day!

  • Enjoy With Friends:

Spend time with friends and laugh with then to reduce tension and spend

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Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh..
Very good post my friend @alishannoor . Your post is very useful to keep our health..
Thank you very much for share to Us..and i have shared it to all Stemian..
Warm regards from Aceh .. Indonesia..
Your friend :

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I know physiotherapist has a big role to play in the maintainance of good health, i think you need to inco-operate them, in prescribing daily exercise to avoid excessive or overdose.

Nice article.

Good nutrition is a vital a part of leading a healthy manner. Combined with physical activity, your diet will assist you to succeed in and maintain a healthy weight, cut back your risk of chronic diseases (like cardiovascular disease and cancer), and promote your overall health.


Yes my next post will be about cancer as well i will add your tips there thanks for sharing your knowledge and thoughts

Wow, I learned a lot! Great article!

Meditate, exercise, sleep and eat healthy

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Wow, very important thing is good, many people think that physical health is the end, either mental health is the most important to make physical health well

Thanks! Happy Sunday.

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Great article

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Lo difícil es cumplir con la mayoría de los consejos. Es complicado dormir 8 horas diarias cuando se es padre, sobretodo primerizos. El estrés aumenta y los problemas laborales tampoco colaboran.
Es importante hablar con uno mismo para manejar de forma positiva cada situación, es allí donde nos preguntamos si vemos el vaso medio lleno o medio vacío. Tomemos un segundo para respirar y continuar. Gracias por tu post! Saludos desde Venezuela.

Great tips.i try to maintain these tips for today...

Great information about Health... it really helps a lot. Thanks for sharing such a valuable information 👍

Great blog! I 100% agree with your point regarding mental health and stress levels - it's really something people ignore. If you would like some more elaboration and information on "Healthy Foods" feel free to check out my most recent blog :)