Burnout Syndrome: Time to change strategy!

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If your energy supplies seem to be running low and you just haven't burned out, it's high time you did something for yourself. You have not been burned to any advantage!

Taking care of your business responsibilities occupies you every spare moment? Think you won't be able to get everything done? Are you constantly tired and exhausted, feeling drained? Is every day the same and equally bad? These and similar situations are a sure sign that you are near the point of burning up your energy supplies and that you are in danger of a burnout.


Burnout syndrome or burnout syndrome is characterized as a state of constant physical, mental and emotional exhaustion. Although often associated with the business sphere, anyone who feels overburdened and undervalued is on target - to an equal extent, a person bursting with overtime hours without a day off, and a mother who constantly takes care of the household, children and to older parents.

How to recognize signs?

One of the main culprits for burnout syndrome is stress, a constant and prolonged period in which the body is flooded with the stress hormone. It is important to emphasize that this condition does not develop overnight, and the signs may be subtle. Therefore, it is more important to pay attention to the signals sent to us by the body.

The physical symptoms of burnout include persistent tiredness, frequent headaches, impaired immunity, frequent illnesses and difficulty sleeping. They may be accompanied by cognitive symptoms such as memory and concentration problems, decreased focus and black thoughts, which make the situation even worse. Withdrawal, escapism and isolation, escape from responsibility, reduced productivity, and frustration in the people around you also suggest that you urgently need rest, relaxation and energy.

A moment for a drastic cut

If your mind and body are constantly "on the edge" of stress, it's time to change your strategy before the wick burns.

Namely, burnout syndrome is a sure sign that something is wrong in your whole life situation - then you have to define the 'what' and start solving it, advised the renowned psychologist Dr. med. univ. Denisa Legac, an expert on anxiety-depressive disorder and panic attacks.

Relaxation techniques

It's almost impossible to completely avoid all the stressful situations in life, but you can't even influence it. What you can change is how these situations affect you. Relaxation techniques are a great way to eliminate stress. Relaxation is not just about calming your mind or enjoying a hobby or things that make you happy, but its main goal must be to reduce the stress and damage that stress causes to your body.


Medical and complementary medicine professionals are increasingly referring their patients to some of the techniques that can be achieved or restore balance to a stressful lifestyle. Almost all relaxation techniques involve first focusing your attention on relieving tension in the body and mind, and then focusing your attention on something that will calm you down.

There are numerous relaxation techniques - autogenic training, visualization, muscle relaxation, hypnosis, tai chi, yoga, meditation, massage… But the trick is to find what works best for you.

When you need help

However, in some situations you may also need professional help. No matter how embarrassed you are, consult a psychotherapist, Dr. Legac advises. Talking to a professional will help you work through topics that create pressure and stress for you.

With psychotherapy, one of the best ways to deal with stress is to exercise intensively, such as swimming or cycling. Dance also gives great results. First of all, dance is a great workout for which you need not only your body, but also a type of emotion-clearing therapy.

It will help eliminate stress and release negative emotions, and when you need a mental break, dance to your favorite song - from the heart, as if no one was looking at you. Only when you feel relaxed and rested, energized and vital, will you feel like you and be ready to return to the stage of life.


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