Foods that are more harmful than cigarettes

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An unhealthy diet kills more people today than cigarettes. It is found that a lack of important nutrients can harm your health.
However, some of the foods we have included in our daily diet due to the so-called quality ingredients can be very harmful to our body.


Here is a list you need to read, remember and avoid:

White bread

It is a product that is rich in processed cereals, does not contain fiber and is not nutritious. Fiber intake contributes to healthy weight and normal blood pressure and, in addition, reduces the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Energy tiles

Although rich in nutrients, some energy bars are also rich in sugar. According to nutritional data, most popular energy bars contain 15 to 30 grams of sugar per plate. On the other hand, if you choose them carefully, energy bars are a great way to alleviate hunger and avoid overeating, since they contain many essential nutrients. A perfect energy bar should contain at least three grams of fiber, five grams of protein and less than 10 grams of sugar.

Fat free products

Nutritionists have realized that healthy fats are often replaced with processed sugar to maintain the true taste of the product. That way, instead of eating a healthy meal, you bring in a 'sugar bomb'. Experts advise on foods rich in protein and healthy fats, such as fresh cheese or Greek yogurt.

Breeding fish

This problem also applies to driers. Wild fish is a rich source of healthy Omega 3 acids, which can reduce the risk of heart disease and heart attack. But the amount of these acids depends on what the fish eats. Unfortunately, the fish we buy in supermarkets usually does not come from the sea and oceans, but is farmed. Not only does it lack healthy nutrients, it also contains various additives that growers use to grow fish faster.


It can be just as damaging to health as it is to ecology. Soybean crops are said to be one of the most harmful monocultures because they draw nutrients from the soil and leave depleted soil. In addition, most soybean fruits are genetically modified.


Sushi itself is not harmful. However, different ingredients and additives in drought can be a major problem. A lot of sushi specialties today contain mayonnaise, cream cheeses, sauces and other ingredients that increase the nutritional value of sushi and make the sushi set so caloric that it is sufficient for the whole day. To avoid weight problems, opt for simple salmon sushi or eat sashimi.

Fruit juices

Fruits are considered an essential nutrient and freshly squeezed juices seem like an easy way to incorporate them into your daily diet. However, in liquid form, fruits lose most of their healthy fiber-like elements, which play an important role in the prevention of diabetes. One fruit may be enough to satiate you and quench your craving for something sweet, while fruit juice requires more fruit at a time, and will not satiate you.


They have always been considered an easy solution for a healthy breakfast. However, not all flakes will provide the same amount of nutrition. Most of them consist of processed cereals, and they lose a large amount of fiber when processed. The amounts of sugar that are put in to make them more palatable and appealing to children are over the recommended daily doses.


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